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A Dream Elopement In Front Of A Waterfall In Bali For $2.9K

bali wedding

This couple had their dream wedding in Bali in front of a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall with a wedding budget of $2,900 (without the dress and suit). Getting married in front of a waterfall can be a bit tricky but not if you have the expertise of WedBali Wedding Agency on your side! Read on to hear why the couple chose Bali and advice from the organizer on having a wedding in nature places!

Keep scrolling to see more photos by Alisa Deynega. WedBali Wedding Agency planned every detail of this wedding and created all of these incredible florals you'll see throughout. All the images are in the full gallery, so be sure to click through and read on to hear more from the couple.

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Why Did You Choose Bali?

One of my favorite books is eat, pray, love and I have always wanted to go to Bali. We actually thought of different spots like Positano or the Mediterranean in general but we ended up picking Bali because of WedBali Wedding Agency. I researched different elopement companies and for some reason no other company compared to the decor, and flower arrangement and just location in general. I was obsessed with Tibumana waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I had seen in my life. So after obsessing over it we just had to pick Bali!



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What Did You Expect From The Wedding Day?

I honestly did not know what to expect. I knew it was going to be a very early morning, so we went to bed early. I was just so excited to marry the love of my life and to be able to call him my husband d officially. The day started early like I anticipated it was a bit hectic, honestly we stayed at the best hotel! The staff was so helpful and had breakfast boxes for us, pressed Dallas’ shirt and they made sure we had everything we needed. We started the day at the rice field. We took pictures and videos and I totally get why we had to do that first. We avoided any crowds and also as the day goes by Bali gets extra humid so it was great to have my hair and makeup fresh. I think on my end if I had to do it all over agin I probably would’ve picked a flowy dress and something that was a bit easier to walk on, because my dress was tight and sleek, not very comfortable for the amount of walking and going up and down the rice fields.Then we went to the waterfall. This was my favorite part of the day. The flowers were incredible, the waterfall was so clean and pristine. I felt like a Princess. Dallas looked so great. The whole setting was so romantic, it was definitely better than I dreamt off.

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What Did You Like Most?

Definitely the flowers and the waterfall I would pick the same exact spot all over again! The day was short which I liked. By 2 pm we were free to do whatever we wanted, we were done with pictures and we were able to spend the day at the hotel and we had a very romantic dinner. It was great!

bali wedding


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Advice From The Organizer

We organize weddings in natural places. Therefore, things may not go according to plan, keep this in mind and don't get upset if something goes wrong. Three weeks before the couple's wedding, the rainy season began, much earlier than we expected. It rained heavily for two weeks. Therefore, the territory of the waterfall was washed out and dirty. But three days before the wedding, the rains stopped and the guardians of the waterfall managed to repair the bridges and clear the area. The water was the cleanest in the waterfall, blue! Nobody expected this. Guys are lucky. But even if that hadn't happened, we would have moved the wedding to the cliff. Which would also be magical. The bride was not worried and trusted us. And it helped her set herself up for a magical day. Be light and don't try to control everything.Sherry's words turned out to be the most pleasant for the organizers: I know that you will do everything great, so look at the pictures that I like and make something beautiful. Creative freedom and trust are very inspiring!

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