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DIY Blue Backyard Wedding

The McCartneys Photography

This cute couple's motto for their wedding was, "why buy it if you can make it?" Centered around the color blue and a love of crafting, this beautiful wedding turned into a truly DIY event. Having the wedding in the brides backyard literally brought the wedding very close to home, but with every handmade detail created to be unique and personal, memories were made that will stay with the bride and groom for a lifetime.
If you're looking for some cute DIY inspiration to incorporate into your own wedding make sure to take a look at all of the details from this DIY blue backyard wedding in the full gallery here, all wonderfully captured by The McCartneys Photography.

blue wedding shoes

getting wedding ready

teal bridesmaid dresses

brooch wedding bouquet

looks for the groom and his men

From the Bride:My ideas evolved from a couple different places. I love the "olden day" clothing, their styles, and is just SO FUN! My mom also has a lot of old pieces so I felt that a somewhat vintage inspired wedding needed to be incorporated.

A lot of my ideas came from my past, growing up, and some from different wedding websites that I made into my own. For all this crafting and DIYing, 98% of our nights Jason and I had craft fest of 2012; making flowers, pom poms, me making belts, finding his men's bow ties, shoes, etc. We didn't really do much except for craft! I came up with the idea that we should make a song to sing in our wedding party for the grand march. So Jason made the beats, we wrote the lyrics and together we sang/recorded the song! I was very excited for everyone to hear them!

blue and white flower drapes

here comes the bride sign

standing wedding ceremony

outdoor wedding ceremony

wedding party ideas

flower wedding dress

We just wanted our wedding celebration to be so much fun for everybody! I also wanted to make a lot of my wedding elements so that they held more meaning behind them. Every piece could have a story behind it, how I found it, how we made it, who helped, who said what about it.  And I love that in life, all my knick-knacks around the house and pieces of furniture hold a lot of memories that I will carry forward with in my life.

patterned table numbers

signature drink sign

place card ideas

blue wedding ideas

blue wedding ideas

cupcake table

blue wedding ideas

first dance wedding sign

backyard wedding

Read on to see how much this blue backyard DIY wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Tents (one big and one small) with dance floor = $1,500
40 Rectangle Tables, silverware, and wine glasses = $400
Food with caterers for 350 people = $6,000
Wood Doors (total of 25 to make the backdrop, bar, and the wedding doors) = $200 (6 purchased and the rest found on the street curbs! :) )
Whiskey Bar and Beer Bar = free my Uncle and Dad made the bars Equipment for the bar = free Bottles for isle way bar, etc. = free (local bars saved them for us)
Flowers = $3,000
Whiskey tent supplies = $200
Alcohol with assorted juices and ice =$2,000
500 Mason Jars = $300
Bridesmaids dresses = $60
Bridesmaids shoes = $40
Wedding dress = $1,100
Alterations = $350
Wedding day shoes with added fabric = $30
Viel = $80
DIY Hair clips = $2
Cupcakes = $1,200
350+ Plates for Dinner and Apps = $800
Bue Mason Jars for Centerpieces = $230
Frames, Pictures, Mirrors, and Candle Holders = $200
DIY Cake stands = $80
Invites, food menus, Programs = $1,500
Save the Date Cards = $120
Hair, nails, and makeup = did it myself DIY Brooch Bouquet - all supplies = $60
Photographers = $5,000
Groom's Suit, shirt, belt, and tie = $250
Groom's Shoes = $100
Groomsmen Pants and Vest = $80
DIY Place settings Paper and Punch = $20
Silver Accessories = $450
Blue Books = $100
Homemade Strawberry Jam = $550
LED tea lights = $400
Truck, Wine Cabinet, two chairs, end tables = $90
2 buffets = free from friends and family Chalkboards = free from family member Tablecloths =$200
Ivory Lace Runners = #250
Frames and paint for food menus = $30
Bathroom Amenities =$60
Bathrooms = $6,000
Dinner Rehearsal outfit = $50
Bus for rides to and from the wedding = $1,000
Bartenders = $1,000
DIY paper flower backdrop = $30
Chairs = $1,500
Couch = free, found on the curb Bridesmaids presents = $70
Tin cans painted and punched = collect from family members and painted and punched by family members Music = free, we created march song, sing in song, and our own playlists Sound equipment = $400
DIY bridesmaids flowers = $30
Chandelier = $350

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