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Devon + Michael Engagement Session

Let me tell you, this engagement session almost didn't happen. The forecast had been calling for rain the entire week leading up to their session. Devon and I texted practically every day trying to decide if we should reschedule. I was watching Accuweather like a HAWK and as it got closer to Saturday, it said it was supposed to pour up until 2pm... our shoot started at 3pm. Maybe I was crazy, maybe I just trusted that Mother Nature would have our backs, but oh boy were we happy we stuck to our guns and did the shoot that day anyways. It was the most epic sunset I've ever seen. It's like a smoke bomb, but it's a cloud. I'm still speechless. I have NEVER seen a sky like this before! This one huge cloud was this bright firey color for about 5 minutes and then all of a sudden, it became this dark grey rain cloud. It was surreal and probably the most epic skies I've ever had during an engagement shoot. I guess rain is a good thing!

Devon + Michael wanted to start their engagement session in their beautiful home in Huntington Beach, CA. They love coffee, avocados (see down below why avocados are a HUGE part of their story), and the beach. I knew they were my kinda people!

We started the session off with pineapple mimosas and then they brewed some vanilla macnut coffee.

The proposal: Mike proposed to Devon while they were having a picnic, eating avocado toast, on the beach by their home. Devon LOVES avocados, so Mike cut a slit in the pit of an avocado, and casually handed it to her to make another avocado toast. She saw the ring and was like whaaaaat???! She obviously said yes and I balled my eyes out while Mike was telling me their proposal story. So I had to incorporate avocados in the home part of their engagement session!

We then headed to the beach to see the most epic sunset ever, that I described above.

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