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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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Comfortable California Wedding

amanda doublin photography

Let's face it ladies, if we could look fabulous while wrapped up in our Snuggies we would be wearing them all the time. Comfort is key, especially for our next couple.
Brannan and Travis knew one thing for sure while planning their comfortable California wedding - they wanted it to be laid back, relaxed and most important represent them. Don't worry, there aren't blankets with sleeves at their wedding, but we are positive you will want to borrow some of their easy going ideas. Be sure to see them all in the full gallery here. All captured by the remarkable Amanda Doublin.

first look

classic bride and groom

navy pinstripe groom look

From the Bride:I’m a sentimental gal. From the wedding venue, to the size of the wedding, from my dress/shoes/undergarments/hair and makeup, every choice I made was about feeling good, comfortable, and like me. It worked! I was completely present and relaxed, in the moment. The whole day was really beautiful and very special, the perfect entrance into our life of togetherness.

beige bridal party

simple bridesmaid bouquet

My favorite moments of our wedding were our vows ~ for months ahead of time I reminded myself that however fun it was to plan, and collect things for our life together, and discuss plans and celebrate, that everything we were doing was only about the union we make and the life we share together. Married couples so often say they got so nervous and barely remember or even blacked out during the vows, so it was my mission to be present and feel comfortable and confident during our vows.

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bridal bouquet

wedding ceremony outdoors

bridesmaid dresses in cream

wedding kiss

I see why couples hire planners! If  a wedding planner is not in the budget (which it was not in ours), and/or you just happened to have really talented, helpful, amazing friends (and we do), I would recommend you recruit your friends and let them put their talents to work! We began with the small things and worked our way down the list to the biggest projects.

As a team, Travis, myself and our friends researched local vendors, cut burlap runners over wine nights, made personalized napkins, painted signs, put together favors, selected our favorite tunes, and imagined more ~ it was all so much work, and so much fun!

outdoor porch wedding reception

wooden place setting

simple sweetheart table

The food arrived late and we considered ordering a ton of pizzas, but everything worked out and the day was so wonderful, exactly as we wanted and had imagined it happening ~ quiet, personal, and completely us.

Travis and I were really touched by all of the effort, good will and love our friends and family showed us during our planning process. Their support made our wedding really something truly special for us. We felt such a strong, tight community around us, and on your wedding day that was such an amazing feeling.

framed menu

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Filling shopping carts with vases, linens, ice cream scoops, frames, pitchers and more at SF and San Diego flea markets was one of my favorite activities. My girlfriends and I found such unique things at the flea markets, items that Travis and I are now using after the wedding in our daily life.

wedding pie table

wedding entertainment

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