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Colorful DIY Wedding at The Marshall House

FS Photography

Although their wedding day happened to be the hottest day of the year (a sweltering 102°F!), Casey and Emily were determined to show their guests a good time by throwing a crazy, colorful party at The Marshall House, a Victorian style home located at the Fort Vancouver National Site in Vancouver, Washington.
Friends and family helped this couple create decorations using strips of fabric that turned the historic property into a vivid venue — which is just one example of the DIY projects in this fabulous wedding. Don't miss a single creative detail from this colorful DIY wedding by viewing the full gallery here, amazingly captured by the talented Ryan Flood of FS Photography. Be sure to scroll down and watch their wedding film from Watertown Films.

bridesmaid photos

bridal looks

yellow, white and green bouquet

colorful bridesmaid looks

groomsmen looks

From Watertown Films:Casey is a 6th grade elementary teacher by day and the Team Lead of his Rugby team by night. Emily is a Physicians Assistant, known by Casey's friends as his sugar momma, and the one who just so happens to know all the lyrics to Eminem's song Without Me. Together they are one of the most energetic, creative, and unique couples we have ever met — and their wedding day was AMAZING!  One of the goals of their wedding was to make sure their guests had an amazing time, and they threw a crazy party to prove it!

They love COLOR, which is a total match to their personalities. We (Us, bride & groom & the wedding party) spent the day before the wedding ripping fabrics to hang all over the place for the ceremony and reception. You could tell everything about it was "them" to a tee.

rustic this way sign

wedding at The Marshall House

wedding ceremony

cowbells for noisy exit

To the reception! FS Photography

Reflections from the Bride:The heat was definitely a challenge ... we managed to order 250 paper fans last-minute after we saw the scorching forecast, which was helpful, and also had some bottled water at the ceremony (though definitely not enough). We also could have used more beer and white wine at the reception — the heat made people very thirsty for both! 

I spent the morning of the wedding doing too many last-minute decoration-related things. Luckily I have some great friends who know just to offer their help because I have a hard time asking for it. They saved the day and gave me enough time to get ready!

quilt guest book

outdoor reception decoration ideas

table decoration ideas

rugby cake topper

wedding cupcakes

outdoor reception at The Marshall House

One of our favorite details in this wedding is this couple's version of signature drinks! Casey and Emily's wedding party helped them brew several different beers and hard ciders which became the wedding favors for their guests. What makes their beer even more awesome are the custom labels designed and created by a friend for the different types of drinks, which were then applied to the bottles the day before the wedding! Be sure to check out the wedding video from Watertown Films at the end of the post for a closer look at the operation.

homebrewed beer with custom labels

photobooth provided by FS Photography

cowbells for noisy exit

See all of the preparation that went into creating this colorful DIY wedding in the video below from Watertown Films!


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