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Chic And Stylish Beach Wedding In Mexico With A Mirrored Escort Wall

mexico wedding venue

Imagine planning your dream castle wedding in Ireland only to have it postponed by Covid and after waiting a year or two having to replan the entire thing and move the wedding to Mexico. That is exactly what happened to this couple! Even though they had to change their plans and re-plan their wedding it turned out so beautifully thank you to their team of vendors. When rethinking their wedding in Mexico this couple decided to go with a chic stylish vacation vibe wedding that was all about the experience for their guests! The main wedding color you'll see throughout is black accented beautifully by dark green and white. One of our favorite things about this wedding is the seating chart! Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design created a unique custom made mirrored display that the couple says guests are still talking about to this day!

Keep scrolling to see more photos by Andre Gouin Photo. Mango Weddings planned every detail of this wedding inspiration and Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design created all of these incredible florals you'll see throughout at Nizuc Resort . All the images are in the full gallery, so be sure to click through and read on to hear more from bride.

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bridesmaids first look

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From The Bride

Eight years ago this November, Camillus (my husband) and I both found ourselves at the W Hotel in the Financial District in NYC for an after-work drink (or two, or three), cheers-ing to having met someone they knew was special. Bringing it back to the beginning, Camillus grew up in the small, harbor-side town of Newry in Northern Ireland. He always had a passion for his hometown and his homeland country, but also felt there was something more out there for him. After finishing University in Belfast, he traveled the world for work, taking posts in London and Russia, before finally ending up in New York. I grew up in a comparably small town in Michigan, longing for the big city. I always dreamed of living in the Big Apple, and pursuing a career in fashion magazines. After finishing high school, I left Michigan for Florida State University, and then upon graduation, moved to NYC days later, ready to start my career, but not knowing my whole life would begin in a very important way. Both coming from small towns on other sides of the world, from different cultures and upbringings, it's pure fate that brought us together.

After first meeting, we held a series of three dates before we made it official. We truthfully both knew we were soulmates within weeks. We took our first trip to Ireland, which for me, at the time, was my first trip to Europe ever. From the beginning, Camillus brought his passion for his culture into our relationship, teaching me all about Irish traditions, accents (of which he has a strong one!) and parts of the globe I had never dreamed of exploring, coming from my small town. We immediately grew a particular fondness for castle culture together, touring them, learning about their history and enjoying their natural beauty.

We both knew right away that we had found our person. Camillus claims love at first sight, and that he just knew right away that we were soulmates. He had never been in love before and it hit him like a ton of bricks. I knew after three weeks that I was in love with him and that this relationship was going to be it for me. Needless to say, we fell hard and fast, but made it last. We immediately began to plan a dream wedding in Ireland, close enough to Camillus’ home town for his family to travel easily enough, but also close enough to Dublin for accessibility for the bride’s family and both their sets of friends. We traveled to Ireland to tour—you guessed it—a million castles, and came away with the beautiful K Club as our destination venue. We were set for June 18, 2021. After booking all our vendors and knee deep into planning, we came upon the COVID-19 pandemic shortly thereafter. We held out hope and continued to move forward, but with vaccines and lock-downs and so much travel uncertainty and security across continents and countries, everything grew too uncertain. We decided to postpone our wedding to June 18, 2022, embarking on a three-year engagement journey that we never could’ve expected. As 2021’s madness raged on across the globe, we grew more and more uncertain about having a wedding overseas. We so badly wanted to get back to Ireland not only to visit family and friends, but to continue planning and meet with all our vendors. Ireland’s lockdowns during the pandemic were legendary with their strictness. The stricter they got, the more we worried about the possibility of our wedding even going ahead. The days and months leading up to the mere months before the wedding’s second date were daunting.

We finally decided to make the safest and hardest decision yet-we cancelled our Ireland wedding, cut our guest list down from 215 to merely 60 guests, and moved the wedding to Mexico.The third time was the charm-we officially got married at Nizuc Resort in Cancun/Quintana Roo, Mexico on June 18th, 2022. It wasn’t without more challenges. After deciding we'd make this wedding a beach-adjacent, vacation style affair for our intimate group of 60, we not only had to replan everything, but work backwards from the vibe and the for items, apparel and mementos we’d already bought for the Ireland wedding (s)—which included both my wedding gowns, my wedding veil, and our invitations. When we found our Mexico venue, it made it easy to pick up a destination wedding we’d already planned in an entirely different destination- Nizuc Resort had a chic, stylish vibe, with classic undertones that fit the look and feel of our invitations and floral/rental designs.

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Moving The Wedding To Mexico

My gowns made for a castle style venue fit with the sleek elegance of the nooks and crannies we’d take our portraits in. My bridesmaid dresses’ silky black Amsale gowns all had slits to make up for the major change in heat/weather. And despite the potential of the kickoff of hurricane season in Mexico in June, we were able to host all our festivities outdoors, with just a slight drizzle of rain during our first dance that made for a pretty epic scene in our video (although seeing the giant blue tarp out of the corner of my eye while dancing with my new husband caused some stress!). Plus-our venue was only a mere 10 minutes from the Cancun airport, making the journey (especially for the guests from Europe) all the more easy to digest. Not to mention, a mere 2 days before we left NYC for Cancun, the covid testing restriction to re-enter the United States was officially lifted! Our guests could relax and enjoy the long awaited festivities without needing to worry. If you cannot recognize by our photos, our newly intimate wedding celebration was all about experience for our closest family and friends. We hosted multiple musicians and entertainment over the course of the day. We hosted a welcome drinks event, rehearsal dinner and outdoor yoga class experiences. We reunited with so many family and friends, coming from a total of 9 different countries, including Australia, that most of which we hadn’t seen since well before we got engaged. My husband went nearly four years from the last trip to Ireland to our wedding day before being reunited with his family, including both his parents and his four siblings, making the wedding week celebrations all the more magical. Whether we were going to be wed in Ireland in 2021, Ireland in 2022 or Mexico in 2022, nothing was going to stop Camillus and I from making it official.

Camillus and myself both woke up on the wedding day quite relaxed. The night before, the rehearsal dinner hadn't went according to plan, as it rained and we needed to move our beach celebration indoors at Nizuc Resort , which was disappointing. Nonetheless, we had a great night, hearing lots of speeches from family and friends and still enjoying our taco bar and unlimited margaritas station. We both knew so soon into our relationship that our wedding day was going to come. I didn't feel any nervousness at all, I was mostly just nervous about the weather ha! I was really excited to make it down that aisle to him. After seeing how our family and friends from around the globe had merged over the last prior days, it made me even more excited and at peace with this big life change of marriage that was about to happen. I had one personal bout of nervousness when I was walking down the aisle with my dad and saw everyone there waiting for me. He told me to stop, take a deep breath and then we could continue. That immediately helped and for the rest of the ceremony, and the night, any nerves were shook away. Camillus also was pretty cool as a cucumber during the festivities. I didn't see one ounce of nervousness in his eyes or his demeanor, and while he claims he didn't shed a tear, we had an emotional moment together during our first look, which we will both remember forever.

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The Decor And Theme

With the decor, color scheme, florals and overall layout, Camillus gave me free reign to sort of just choose what I wanted as he trusts my taste. His real opinions came into play when the entertainment and mandatory vegan menu were on tap. When it came to planning our Mexico nuptials, it was very important to me that I integrate a lot of the elements that I had already planned for within the Ireland nuptials, while still making it authentic to the location and the weather. The color palette I wanted was very classic and chic, with black being the main color, followed with dark and deep greens and whites/creams.

Because our wedding was a more intimate number of 60 guests, I wanted everyone to feel like they were having a family meal together, so it was important to me that the seating was one long table with every guest seated together. The impact of that was beautiful-there was so much extra cross talk between our seating chart, and the way the florals, chairs and place settings played together was gorgeous. I wanted to feel close to nature, and being that Nizuc Resort is beautiful every inch you look and filled with nature, being on the water the way we were felt natural and like we were in our own little slice of paradise. I wanted to fill the area with candle light (we used a lot of black ones!) and hang string lights, bringing intimacy and romance to the spaces. One of the most unique touches I felt strongly about from the beginning was having a black wedding cake. Nizuc Resort had never attempted one before, but they made it happen for us! We accented it with simple orchid stems, and it was so unique.

We also felt strongly that our seating chart display would be important, as it would be a way to do something impactful, and our florist Vanessa Jaimes created a beautiful mirrored display that I still hear compliments on to this day. The florals were a mix of high and low white and green arrangements, giving a classic but elegant feel. And one of my favorite accents of the whole space was our green velvet couch in the lounge area next to our dance floor! On the table settings, my boss who has a side calligraphy business did custom place cards, which turned out beautifully. For the food, Nizuc Resort helped us create a custom vegan menu for Camillus and a few other guests, which start to finish, felt very customized and had lots of thought put into it. For the other guests, there was a mixture of steak, chicken and fish, and people have not stopped mentioning to me how it was some of the best wedding food they'd ever had! When it came time for our first dance, we had practiced a bit, but both felt a bit nervous. When the moment came, we were so excited to finally have our first dance. Right when we hit the dance floor, the skies opened up, and a few rain drops started to fall, but we didn't really notice. I only knew because out of the corner of my eye, I saw the team coming down with a bright blue tarp, in case the rain decided to pour down on us at that moment. Luckily, it stopped after the few drops, and the photos and video we have from that moment with the rain drops turned out incredible. Our first dance is one of our favorite moments, as every single person at the wedding joined us on the dance floor halfway through and sang, danced and gathered around us to show their love and support for our union. It truly was such a beautiful moment that brings tears to my eyes to this day.

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