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Build A Wedding From Scratch

colorful bouquet

DIY weddings look out! Spenser and Jentri have just raised the bar to an astronomical height! How? How about building their very own venue in six months? But that's not the only jaw dropping aspect of their big day. Keep scrolling to see what this couple and their talented and loving family created!
Oh, and don't run off too quickly, you can find their budget breakdown below; and there is a lot more to be seen from this build a wedding from scratch wedding in the full gallery that is filled with the fantastic images captured by DuRall Photography!

trifold wedding invite

green bridesmaid dresses

Words from the Vendors

From DuRall Photography:Spencer and Jentri tied the knot on May 17, 2014 in Catoosa, Oklahoma, a small suburb right outside of Tulsa. When I think of DIY, I just don't know if it gets anymore DIY than this. I mean, what these two pulled off with the help of their families and friends is simply amazing.

We took advantage of the land immediately around us for the couples portraits and wedding party photos because the place just had so much to offer for photos. The ceremony was so neat and this really whimsical Celtic feel with the alter they created facing a massive pond. Hay bales lined the aisles with stumps and beautiful floral arrangements abounding. All of this helped provide that really "downhome" feel

outdoor wedding ceremony with hay bale seats

wooden wagon and floral arrangement

flower girls with floral halos

tying the knot


From the Bride

All decor and such is kind of funny too. Basically all of the flower vases were from my aunt's home (the florist). A ton of the doilies, napkins and silverware were from garage/estate sales where sweet women nearly gave us things because they belonged to their mothers and loved that they would be used for my wedding. The guest book "table" was actually my great-grandpa's tool box. Most of the blankets were from goodwill.

sign our guestbook chalkboard sign

guestbook table and blankets in case guests get cold

mini flower arrangements in fun colored jars

grab a glow stick for the send off

glow sticks and carefree flower arrangement

The Building: I think this is important to recognize because we physically built it. We broke ground January 17 and had it completed by May 17. To give you some more explanation… My dad did a lot of the dirt work and overall was the project manager, the telephone poles were donated to us from a family friend. All the steel/sheet metal was from an existing building my dad owned.

My sister and I built the sliding barn doors and all the partitions in the bathrooms, my brother did all the metal work by hand, welding, bathroom signs, etc. My mom did lots of the work on the land, manicuring grass and burning brush and such. I could go on about everything we did specifically but basically, my family built it. We had some help from friends outside of family but by people that are basically family.

hand built reception structure by brides parents

family style seating with diy centerpieces

diy wine bottle bud vases

wedding party table

girls and boys restroom signs

Steal Worthy Idea

Can you imagine a better way to keep kids entertained at your wedding then by creating their very own kids corner?! With tables covered in paper and markers, plenty of games to play and chilled juice bottles on hand, this idea is sure to make your big day a hit with the younger crowd!

crochet hula hoops streamers and frisbees

kids corner with games and crafts

chilled juice bottles for the kids at your wedding

kids corner to keep them occupied at the reception

A lot of decor was of things we already owned. The books on the table belonged to Spencer's grandfather. The candles were hand-poured by yours truly, but the jars were given to us as a wedding gift from a friend. If I broke down every detail you'd be amazed! Our family and friends worked tirelessly for us to create the perfect day and we could not be more thankful. There are things in your life that people do for you that you are never able to repay them for… this was one of those things.

All of the delicious deserts you see, they were provided by family as well. This was a great, great occasion that so many people contributed to and we are so grateful to have been part of it.

red velvet wedding cake homemade

globe cake and classic wedding cake

tall chocolate cake made by family and friends

assorted wedding desserts

caramel dripped cake made by friends and family

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