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Blue and Orange Caribbean Beach Wedding


This blue and orange Caribbean beach wedding has us wishing we could wiggle our toes in the sand of some beach somewhere. Not only was the location a tropical paradise the intimate event beautifully captured the love that our next bride and groom obviously have for one another

But destination weddings can be tough to plan, keep scrolling to find out just what this bride recommends for anyone thinking of doing this themselves. Oh and don't forget to stop by the full gallery, it is filled with every last image from  Crown Images Photography by Sage!

royal blue wedding shoes

wedding dress in paradise tropical villa in the Caribbean

elegant wedding gown from Bridal Beginnings-Pittsburgh

blue and orange wedding bouquet

Keep It A Simple Destination

From the Bride: We wanted to have a destination wedding at a Caribbean location. We always said we should live near the beach, since we're happiest in the salty air, so why not commit our lives to one another on the beach? We chose St. Thomas, because it is a tropical paradise with amazing beaches, but it's still U. S. Territory. Some of our family members and guests are elderly, so we wanted to choose somewhere which would be easy for them to travel to. 

Out of all the awesome choices for villas, we found the one that was right for us. The price was great. and it would be big enough to accommodate both of our immediate families and friends. There was also a honeymoon suite separate from the other rooms, so we would be able to have our alone time. It really is the perfect set-up for accommodations for a wedding. 

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kick off your heels, flip flop station bride and groom wedding shoes

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blue and orange floral aisle decor

live wedding music custom wedding drinking glasses you may now kiss the bride

Things To Keep In Mind At The Beach

As a bride, I was glad I made sure the train wouldn't drag on the beach and that the dress wasn't too heavy for a beach wedding. I took the time to walk around in the bridal shop for longer than most and I was glad I did. I was insistent on wearing heels as I walked down the beach aisle which was not the best idea because my heels collected more and more sand with every step. If you are having a beach wedding than embrace the beach and go barefoot.
Curious to hear more about this bride and grooms beach wedding and their recommendations for anyone planning a beach wedding. Click to find out more! Oh and be sure to check out all of these fab beach weddings for even more  tropical beach wedding ideas! 

We chose a public beach but hoped that by planning it for later in the afternoon on a Sunday that it might be more private. In actuality, people stayed just to watch! As soon as the wedding was over we felt like they all left. Not to sound snobby, but we were glad the photographer could photoshop the people in inner tubes in the water behind us out. 

Most of the beach goers were very respectful and stood away from our ceremony site or out of the water near the site. In the moment though, we didn't notice them at all. Not even when the children were singing along with the mother of the groom while she was singing the Lord's Prayer.  The mother of the groom actually thought it was cute to have an accompaniment. No matter what happens just live in the moment and enjoy every second of your wedding day.

blue pink and salmon with gold accents wedding reception

silk draped wedding seating decor bright pink and blue centerpiece

gold wedding chargers with floating candle centerpieces

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Save Your Sanity

We highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator especially with a destination wedding! It is affordable and will save your sanity. Our real disaster was that the first coordinator we had lacked ..... communication skills. We had a difficult time getting a timely response or reply. We ended up switching coordinators close to the wedding date. 

Hiring our new coordinator was the best wedding decision we made. A shout out to Laysha Powers of Irie Matrimony Weddings + Events for coming in with only two months to go before the wedding and making our dream wedding come true. To the future bride find a coordinator that has a similar personality to yourself and has  connections in the wedding destination area.

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romantic wedding venue in the Caribbean floating faux lilies for your pool

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