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Blue and Green Country Wedding at Shady Wagon Farm

AJ Dunlap Photography

Meredith and Alex tied the knot country-style at the beautiful Shady Wagon Farm. From the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses all the way to the tablescapes, lace and burlap along with their blue and green color palette was a central theme throughout the day.
Read on to hear so much more from Meredith about their special day, especially their full budget breakdown! There are so many amazing details in this blue and green country wedding! Don't miss a single one by visiting the full gallery here, all gorgeously captured by A.J. Dunlap Photography.

green and blue wedding invites

blue and green wedding boquet

green and blue bridesmaid dresses

unique bridesmaid dresses

From the Bride:I would not consider myself a "creative' person. I always have awesome ideas in my head but never quite know how to implement them. So after we (okay...it was Alex) found our wedding venue, I immediately had a vision of bridesmaids in boots, mason jars, wild flowers and, of course, line dancing. I watched hours of wedding shows on TV, flipped through several wedding magazines, and spent countless hours on Pinterest and Etsy. I was able to pull some inspiration from all of these places. Luckily I had AMAZING vendors who were able to look at pictures and listen to my crazy ideas to make my dream a reality.While there are so many amazing details in this wedding, our favorite is the bridesmaid looks. The bold green and white striped skirts work perfectly with the dark blue cap-sleeve tops...and they showed off their cowgirl boots!

blue and green bridesmaid dresses

beige and navy groomsman looks

bride and groom looks

I found SO much that I was able to customize on Etsy (bridesmaids skirts, guest book, invitations/programs) and spent a lot of time (and wine) doing my own crafts. I wanted our guests to see little details that they would remember six months to a year after the wedding!

After a lot of help from our family, friends, and coordinator everything finally tied together and turned out better than I had hoped! Of course no wedding day is perfect and our day was no exception. It was a million degrees and we had a slight hair/make-up crisis, but I got to make amazing memories with my best friends. No matter how hot it was, I got to marry my best friend and the cutest guy I know. And that is what made August 31st my favorite day ever!

shady wagon farm wedding venue

wedding ceremony ideas

wedding program table

lakeside wedding ceremony at shady wagon farm

outdoor wedding ceremony

lakeside wedding ceremony

If I had to to back and change one thing it would be to have a second dress to wear at the reception. We had an August wedding in North Carolina and even after the sun went down it was HOT. I had several layers plus cowgirl boots on! This made it hard to have a massive dance party when I kept have to stop and cool down! So even if the second dress was a cute white cocktail dress and flats instead of boots that would have made the reception a little more enjoyable!

window table assignment ideas

mason jars with dates

mini chalkboard easel table number ideas

bright floral centerpieces

white, green and blue wedding cupcakes

wedding cake and cupcakes by cinda’s creative cakes

wedding dancing at shady wagon farm

wedding sparkler send off

Read on to see how much this blue and green country wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

I know I am forgetting some things because my dad transferred $30,000 into an account and I have $1.43 left haha and I spent a little of my own money on some small things but I hope this helps!
Photographer: $4,050
Hair & Makeup: $300
Party Bus: $650
Rehearsal Dinner Dress: $200
Nails: $50
Jewelry: $200
Venue: $5,100
Food: $6,300
Cake: $700
Alcohol: $1,000
Linens: $1,5000
Dress: $1,200
Alterations: $350
Flowers: $915
Mason Jars: $225
Tree Rounds: $100
DJ: $800
Flowers in Hair: $75
NC State Garter: $40
Guestbook: $155
Programs: $325
Invitations: $500
Misc: $1,000
Postage: $500
Groom's Suit: $220
Bride's Boots: $150
Save the Dates: $500
Welcome Boxes: $200
Total: $27,205

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