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Blue And Copper Southwest Wedding In The Desert

Blue And Copper Southwest Wedding In The Desert

Sometimes you just know when love hits you, and Jason and Blair knew almost the instant they made eye contact. So why would they keep their relationship a secret for the first few months? Keep scrolling to hear how they met and get the scoop on their adorable love story. 

Then be sure to stop by the full gallery of Leslie D Photography's photos to find every last adorable copper and cactus themed detail. Our personal favorite was the cute tequila shot table that greeted guests on their way into the ceremony! 

wedding invitation with flowers and cactus

wedding dress white wedding shoes cheers to the bride to be. getting ready robes getting wedding ready

getting wedding ready

How We Met

We met the week before classes started our first year of law school, at a party thrown by one of our classmates. I noticed him pretty quickly when my roommates and I walked into the apartment – tall, cute, disheveled swimmer-looking guy; he would later tell me he also noticed me as well, particularly my collarbone .  It being the first party of orientation, everyone was trying to meet everyone else so it was pretty low-stakes to walk up and introduce ourselves to his circle. We hit it off right away and ended up talking for most of the rest of the night.  Neither of us remembers what we talked about except that it was a really easy, genuine, fun conversation about a bunch of random stuff with no pretentions, or awkwardness – unlike so many of the conversations we’d had / have over the course of orientation (or the rest of law school for that matter). The next night we exchanged numbers at a party, and by the time classes started the following week we’d talked for hours by text, by phone, and in person.  

wedding couple in the desert

sweet wedding couple portrait here come the bride and groom

neutral tones bridal bouquet

welcome wedding sign bridesmaids makeup idea salt shot glasses limes for tequila shots

copper wedding seating

desert themed wedding aisle decor

saying I do in the desert desert themed wedding floral decor

wedding kiss

black tie groomsmen and groomswoman desert wedding portraits

wedding party in black tie and soft blue

Shhhh it's a secret

It seemed pretty clear where things were headed until, on the first day of classes, Jason walked into the room and we made eye contact / realized to our mutual dismay that we were in the same section (common law school advice being that you should avoid dating within your own section because if things go south you’ll still have to see that person in every class every day for the rest of the year).  Unfortunately, or fortunately, this precipitated the “talk” a bit sooner than  I think either of us might have preferred as we had to figure out how we were going to be around our section mates and classmates. Our genius plan to avoid the potential awkwardness: pretend we were just friends in public and keep the fact we were dating a secret from our classmates (not an easy task when everyone lives with each other on campus in dorms next to the law school). Eventually other couples emerged among our cohort, and by the end of the first term we were no longer a secret.  As a result however, some debate remains as to who the first “official” couple was in our class (us or two of our classmates who got married last year).  For the record, it was us .  

We’ve basically been together ever since that first week, through law school stress, summers apart, studying for the bar, and now two high-stress careers. Even with all the changes, we still love binge watching bad television (particularly sci-fi), the occasional road trip to nowhere in particular (it’s the driving and chatting in the car that’s the best part anyway) and are each other’s best friends. Excited for the next 7 years + forever!

desert themed blue and popper boho wedding reception table

copper and blue wedding reception neutral wedding floral decor

blue and copper tile wedding table number

blue and copper cactus sugar cookie favor copper and blue wedding reception

fruit tart and cupcakes dessert table

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