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Beautiful Raw Bohemian Wedding

wildflower bouquet with cacti

It takes a village. And that most surely is the theme for this bohemian wedding that was a truly authentic and raw celebration. Everyone came together to make this special day happen and it is such an inspiration to see the community celebrate this lovely couple!
Bright bold colors and a free spirited atmosphere replace tradition to create a one of a kind wedding that was perfect for Kalia and Marty. You'll feel like part of the family as you browse this beautiful raw bohemian wedding in the full gallery here, captured by Meg Haley photographs

greenery bridal portraits

handmade colorful bridesmaid dresses

cream and white attire with barefoot groom and best man

Words from Meg Haley photographs

I want to start with the day before the wedding. I had planned to meet Kalia and Marty and walk the vast grounds of the retreat center, get a sense of the place for the next day, as the community environment they had created quite literally resembled that of a village. There was a path to the sleeping tents they had set up, steeped within the tall trees of the forest. A large field of tall grass and wildflowers held paths leading to the bride’s getting ready tent, a ceremony labyrinth site, and the reception courtyard and barn. It seemed like a small retreat within itself. Slowing down, being fully present, as you work together to create something beautiful. Being part of these small moments, for however brief they were, was a joy and a reminder of the importance of mindfulness.

wide open spaces ceremony

wedding exit parade

boho wedding

Have a wedding parade

One of the most spirited events of the day was the wedding parade after the ceremony! It was wonderful, and I had the song stuck in my head for at least a month or two afterwards. In fact, I’m getting it stuck in my head now as I am recalling it. "They did it, they did it, oh oh they did it! Kalia and Marty got married!”

simple reception florals in vintage vases

leaves make cute tea light votives

DIY Details

On the grounds of the Montague Retreat Center in Montague, Massachusetts, Kalia and Marty gathered with their village of friends and family that helped bring their vision to life. Kalia wore a beautiful vintage nightgown owned by her grandmother. The food, the multitude of homemade wedding cakes, locally grown and harvested flowers, the handmade bridesmaid’s dresses by the bride’s mother, the handcrafted wooden table tops for the reception – just a handful of examples of the work and craftsmanship put into this day.

home made wedding cakes in colorful reception tent

home made blueberry wedding cake

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