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Beautiful Oregon Wedding

Erich Mcvey Photography

Our next wedding is a perfect example that you can have a creative, stunning wedding without spending heaps of cash. Of course there are things that you have to splurge on like your vendors! But the true secret is knowing how to save on all the little extras. Like table runners, wedding decor and food.
Lucky for us our next bride and groom - Nat and Meaghan are experts on this subject, and share details on how they saved on items for their utterly beautiful Oregon wedding. Be sure to read on, and don't miss a single photograph from Erich McVey in the full gallery here. Truth be told: he is a definite must to splurge on.

backyard wedding

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From The Bride:Our wedding took place in the evening at my Aunt and Uncle’s home in Brooks, Oregon, a place where both Nat and I spent many summers with our family and friends. Since retiring from farming, my Aunt and Uncle spend their days gardening and designing their elaborate landscape they call the “park.” This park is such a special place to us and to our family and we wouldn’t have dreamed of getting married anywhere else. We wanted our wedding to be homegrown, intimate, and a big celebration not only for us, but for all of the people we love. We asked many close family and friends to help put this together including baking pies for dessert. One of Nat’s ideas was to have a wedding pie instead of a wedding cake. I was thrilled to say the least!

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Erich Mcvey Photography

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backyard wedding

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We were the first to be married in the park which made it all the more special to us. Because it is not an event venue, we brought in all of our own decorations and vendors including a few hundred feet of bistro lights and battery-operated twinkle lights to the area as there was no pre-existing outdoor lighting.

backyard wedding ideas

Our décor was inspired by the eclectic aesthetic of the home and property with the help of some creative friends. All of the centerpieces we used were borrowed, purchased from second hand stores and markets, and handmade. My dad made all of the birch tea light holders from branches found in the park and other family friends planted and grew the succulents for us. We also had a Persian Rug dance floor thanks to Erich and Amy McVey. All of the vendors at our wedding were also our close friends and colleagues. From the elaborate vegetable display to the beverages, the florist and our incredible photographer and videographers, it was a homegrown affair. Needless to say, we are very lucky to have friends with such incredible talents who were willing to share them with us!

easy outdoor bar

backyard wedding

veggie and fruit bar

veggie and fruit bar

One of our favorite parts of the day was the weather. The wedding was August 9th and we expected nothing but sunshine, though nature had other plans. We experienced so many weather transitions from sun and heat, to overcast and muggy and, during the ceremony, even thunder, lighting and light rain – all ending with the most beautiful and colorful sunset topped off with a rainbow. It was like nothing we could have imagined and thanks to Erich McVey, Amy McVey, Super 8 Films, and Nate Baston, we have incredible, unbeatable images and footage. With all of the fun we had planning this wedding, the most enjoyable part was spending the evening, long into the night, with those close to us. It truly was the wedding of a lifetime, all because of the efforts of those around us.

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succulent centerpieces

succulent centerpiece

Erich Mcvey Photography

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One of our favorite elements to this wedding was that they danced the night away under the stars on a Persian rug! Wait... there is more! If you already did not know the talented Amy McVey shoots Super8, and below you can see their Super8 wedding film below, and then after you enjoy their Super8 wedding film be sure to watch their equally as fabulous wedding film by Nate Baston.



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