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An At-Home Summer Garden Party Wedding In Venice for 50K

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When deciding on their dream wedding location Maria and Giovanni dreamed of a space that would have a flavor of home and be inviting to their guests. They dreamed of a little vacation that they could all spend together. With this in mind they found their dream home near Venice and that is exactly where 5 months later they had their summer garden party wedding. Their wedding theme and specifically the Camellia Sinesis flower was carried beautifully in every detail of the wedding from the hand painted flowers on the bride's dress to the royal tea cocktails, place settings, and flowers painted on the gifts for guests.

Keep scrolling to see all of the beautiful photos by Nadia di Falco. Maria Mayer planned every detail, Anneris Flower Farm created all of the amazing florals and Giulio Pizzato filmed this special day. You can see all the images in the full gallery.




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A White Tea Party Wedding

Maria and Giovanni Battista got married in their home in Santa Cristina, Treviso, near Venice. When they imagined their wedding, the place where it would take place, they thought of a familiar place, with the flavor of home, to be able to welcome their guests and share with them the most precious moments before and after the wedding. A little vacation to spend all together. And based on these values, and their desire to welcome and share, their marriage was designed.

In December 2019, they bought the house where exactly 5 months later they got married. Hospitality, elegance, authenticity, and consistency were the key words of their wedding. Both wanted to make their guests feel at home, with that sense of lightness and carefree that only a summer garden party can give. 

To make the context coherent, we studied the types of parties that took place at the time their house was built, and we came across the famous Queen Elizabeth Tea Party, which, in some ways, resembled Maria in her extroverted ideas. The Revolutionary figure is that of Queen Elizabeth, who, on the occasion of her wedding, wore the first white dress in history, made by local artisans, just like Mary and John the Baptist did. Unlike the queen, to pursue the sense of lightness and equality, we have chosen to dare by recommending a total white dress code for the guests. 

Maria's dress was made of white silk shantung, hand painted with the flowers of the camellia sinensis by a local artist. In her hair, kept soft, she wore a handmade camellia with the same fabric as the dress. Giovanni Battista also wore a handcrafted white suit. Precisely in order not to create differences between guests and hosts. 




The set-ups, games of yesteryear, and entertainment were designed to be contextualized at the time. Among the dishes served were Queen Elizabeth's favorite sweets, interspersed with more recent ones, served at the wedding of Prince William, son of Charles and Diana. A sort of journey through time and past life experiences. Together with the chefs, the tea sommelier, and the pastry chefs, we have studied a special menu to be served with the aim of giving their guests a culinary experience. Each item contained tea or a reminder of tea. During the Tea Party, the tea somelier served tea and herbal teas in different versions. From Royal tea cocktails to digestives paired with teas and infusions, the tea flower (Camelia sinensis) was painted on the dress, shoes, and gifts for guests. The same flower was embroidered on the tulle used to decorate the oak under which the ritual took place. Even the plates with the names of the guests, which served as place cards, had a hand-painted camelia, and the tote bags, prepared for their guests, were embroidered with the same flower. 

To anticipate what their guests would experience, we studied truly unique participation. Once opened, like theater curtains, they discovered their house painted in watercolor and everything they would experience on that day of celebration. The tableau was also hand painted and represented the view from above of the garden, with the tables, the small oaks, and the flowers that sprouted from the grass lawn in the center of the table. The presence of five camelias, found during the restoration of the house before the wedding, framed the picture of their wedding project. 

When you decide to choose every aspect, that deep harmony so desired can only be born, where the essence and representation of the couple are freely expressed, the guests are at ease, and every detail seems to have always been there.


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