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An Indian Wedding In Dallas

Texas Wedding

I love today's Real Wedding!
You know when you see things and they just take your breath away. Well.. that is how I felt when Mike from Ash Imagery sent me this Indian Wedding. The wedding was of course beautiful but, the artistic approach that Mike took to shooting this wedding was down right breathtaking.
The vivacious colors are so incredibly dynamic. The attire that is traditionally wore at an Indian Wedding is always so unbelievably gorgeous. Especially at this wedding were Ramiza, the bride actually designed her own wedding outfit. Both outfits from the color to the patterns. It was then maade by Sabeen from Pakistan. Wahaj, the groom designed his own wedding outfit as well and was made by Junaid Jumshaid in Pakistan. Both gorgeous!
Ramiza and Wahaj were married in Dallas, enjoy this artistic masterpiece.

Indian wedding

flying birds

indian wedding

Texas wedding

indian wedding

indian wedding

tradional Indian Wedding

Omni West In Texas

Traditonal Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding

Traditional Indian Wedding

Photography: Ash Imagery

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