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An Elegant Destination Wedding in Slovakia After 20 Years Together

Elegant wedding in Slovakia

After 20 years of dating and 3 kids later, this next couple finally decided to tie the knot in the place where their love story had started two decades earlier, the beautiful country of Slovakia. Their destination wedding was filled with stylish decor and elegant details, but most of all it was a grand celebration of their unwavering love and dedication for one another. Talk about #couplegoals!

With so much romance hanging in the air, it’s no wonder why these two had such a picture perfect day. Their traditional church ceremony was followed by a relaxing reception at the historic Wiegerova Vila, so keep scrolling because it just gets better from here! Want more images? Enjoy the full gallery after captured by Gabriela Jarkovska.

The prettiest gold heels

Boutonnieres for the groomsmen Muted colors bouquet

20 years and 3 kids later

From Gabriela Jarkovska: They had been together for a while. Their love story actually started 20 years ago in Slovakia. She was Slovak, he was Hungarian. They fell in love at first sight. From the very first moment, they knew they had found the ONE. Living a joyful life in France with their 3 children, only a union between them was missing. Finally, when he decided to ask to marry her during a romantic weekend in a medieval castle in a lovely French village, she accepted with joy. And the children were so excited to learn that they would celebrate the big event all together next year.

Gorgeous lace gown from Paris

Elegant wedding in Slovakia

Romantic church ceremony Church ceremony in Slovakia

"Ano" and "Igen" 

Living in Paris, the wedding lace dress and diamond rings were naturally chosen there. The church in gothic style near the Wiegerova Vila completed the scenery of their wedding. The song Hallelujah was performed live resonated when she walked hand in hand with their eldest boy to the altar. And emotions became even stronger as the bride and groom were listening side by side to the priest celebrating their union in two languages. You could feel the emotion in the church. They held each other’s hands. Their hands were trembling. And to the question of the priest, she said “Ano”. He said “ Igen”. Forever – for better and for worse.

Vintage getaway car

20 years and 3 kids later, these two said "I do" Bridal hair idea with flowers

Beautiful destination wedding Slovakia

Flower decor idea Outdoor seating area for a wedding

Family-style indoor reception Elegant table decor Elegant florals

Destination Slovakia

The choice to organize the wedding in Slovakia was an obvious choice. In the country where their lives had crossed. “Cheri, I’ve found the place where we will spend the happiest day of our life”, she said one day while surfing the internet. A trip to Slovakia with a visit of the Wiegerova Vila was quickly arranged. The decision was taken immediately. This was the only place where they could imagine to organize their marriage. This beautiful place with the soul characterized them: stone stairs leading the to a picturesque garden and a magnificent building from the early 20th century. Kind of French fragrance in the midst of the Slovak vineyard.

Soft centerpiece idea

His and hers half and half wedding cake Half and half wedding cake design

Simple dessert table

The happy couple in Slovakia

Traditional dance Traditional hat dance

Unique instrument Desintation Slovakia wedding


After the religious ceremony, the guests were invited to the Wiegerova Vila for dinner and a relaxing wedding party. To initiate the foreign guests into both Slovak and Hungarian traditions, the folk band Fidlikanti was a perfect choice. Food, champagne, and wines from France, Hungary, and Slovakia were selected with care. Additional wines were brought from all around the world for a special wine tasting prepared by him for all guests. The only word that crossed their mind … the perfect day.

Cutting the cake

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