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An Adventurous Woodsy Wedding at Lost River Cave

Woodsy wedding at Lost River Cave

A cave might be the last place you’d expect for a wedding, but the Lost River Cave in Kentucky perfectly reflected Michele and Cody’s adventurous spirit and their love for the great outdoors.

Their celebrations started with a woodsy outdoor ceremony, followed by their nighttime cave reception which featured a beautiful rock candy geode cake. Check out their unique wedding below, and don’t miss the full gallery after captured by Sarah Katherine Davis Photography.

Lacey wedding dress

Toms bridal flats Sparkly earrings for the bride

Orange and navy wedding party

Getting married at Lost River cave

From Sarah Katherine Davis Photography: Lost River Cave was the perfect location for Michele & Cody's woodsy wedding. They love all things outdoors (kayaking, hiking, and backpacking are their jam) so it only makes sense to get married at a spot that reflects that. They fell in love with Lost River after exploring the area on a date and knew right away that's where they would like to get married one day.

Metal wedding sign

Woodsy ceremony arbor Fall ceremony florals

Woodsy outdoor ceremony Just married!

Woodsy outdoor wedding at The Lost River Cave

Adventurous Wedding 

Their wedding day felt adventurous, magical, and intimate. There were all kinds of details I really enjoyed (specifically that Michele wore her mother's veil and their geode cake involved rock candy) but the ceremony itself was the element that really stood out to me. They each wrote their own heartfelt vows. As they shared their promises with one another the sun got lower and lower and the evening songbirds began singing. It was a really special moment— I would be surprised if there were any dry eyes by the end of the ceremony.

Get married at the Lost River Cave

Cute photo display idea Photo display of the bride and groom

Wedding reception at Lost River Cave

Get married in a CAVE Beautiful reception at Lost River Cave

Rock candy geode cake

Cave wedding reception

Fall wedding centerpiece

dinner and dancing in the cave

After dinner, friends and family joined Michele and Cody on the dance floor. As the dancing heated up and the valley cooled down a mist rose from the cave into the starlit woods. It was a beautiful way to end a beautiful day.

First dance Reception at Lost River Cave

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