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Afternoon wedding at Allan House in Austin Texas

This was such a gorgeous wedding! I love it when weddings are during the day you get to capture all the natural light you want. This couple was so in love it was very moving seeing them together. The setting was stunning in itself! It was at the historic Allan House. It was a little chilly that morning so they opted to have a tent over the ceremony and reception area. The neat thing though about this tent was that it was translucent so all of the beautiful sun shined through which made for amazing ceremony photos. So check out this beautiful wedding then head over to my blog for more photos!

Austin wedding, Whole foods flowers, ring shot on top of Hershey's kisses, Allan House, Jessica Monnich Photography

Austin wedding, Allan House wedding, groom playing cards, groomsmen playing cards before ceremony, Jessica Monnich Photography

Austin wedding, Allan House wedding, Bride and groom snuggling on wedding day, interacial wedding couple, Jessica Monnich photography

Austin wedding, Allen House wedding, bride and groom leaving wedding, bubble exit, Jessica Monnich Photography

I loved that since it was a day wedding I could focus on the bubbles and get the bride and groom blurred in the background. This is by far my favorite "bubble exit" shot!


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