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A Wedding At Frank Lloyd Wright’s – The Gordon House

Frank Loyd Wright Wedding Invite

We get asked a lot if you should take into consideration your weeding venue when planning your wedding aesthetic. The answer is not always black or white and depends on so many factors. However, our next wedding is a fantastic example how taking your wedding venue into account in the decor process can be quite successful.
From their wedding invites to the clean and simple decor Alyss and Evan's Oregon wedding was inspired by their wedding venue at Frank Lloyd Wright's The Gordon House . And as you will clearly see the day turned out to be quite lovely. You must read on to hear more about the day from the groom, and as always check out the entire gallery here. All captured by thee Erich Mcvey.

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From The Groom:My wife and I began to plan our wedding with a few basic guidelines. First, we wanted a September wedding to take advantage of pleasant Oregon evenings in late summer while avoiding the extreme heat of July and August. We also knew that we wanted great music and excellent food. Scheduling conflicts forced us to move our wedding to the middle of August, but fortunately our big day came with a manageable temperature right between the two hottest weeks of the year. Just as the ceremony ended, the the sun disappeared behind the giant oaks while our bartender made hundreds of fruit-infused mojitos.

Finding a caterer was easy here in the Willamette Valley, and being spoiled for choices we went with a local company that blew us away with their inventiveness and attention to detail- Loustic Catering.

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They had three live musical acts at their wedding: We also lined up three different musical acts to segue throughout the afternoon and evening; first a jazz duet for a cocktail hour before the ceremony, followed by a soul/R&B act who played through dinner and finally a high-energy Celtic rock band for a dance party to cap off the night. Our final band set the tone for raucous evening and the wine and beer kept everyone dancing all night.

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Frank Lloyd Wright House Wedding

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In keeping with the idea of a party with a wedding in middle we finished the ceremony with a piñata! The white and gold star-shaped piñata was filled with (plastic) airplane liquor bottles and was a fun surprise for our thirsty guests. Simple lights hung between tall poles created a canopy of light over the tables after sunset and our friends and family crowded around the dance floor when dinner was finished.

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Oregon wedding

On the venue and Erich Mcvey:The most important thing for us personally was to have our day documented well. We wanted a photographer whose photos would stand the test of time; someone who could capture the spirit of the occasion - the beauty of the venue and the energy and love brought by our friends and family. Selecting Erich McVey as our photographer was certainly the easiest decision we had to make.

After a lengthy search, we chose to get married at The Gordon House - a Frank Lloyd Wright's The Gordon House designed home situated in an oak grove in a small town a short drive from our home town. We share a passion for art and architecture and the home's simple and elegant esthetics dictated the overall style of the day. Wright's designs are all about blending the home into it's natural surroundings. The interior spaces open to nature and the homes lines blend with the surrounding landscape, so incorporating greenery into our decor was key. My wife spent time selecting a variety of succulents to offset simple glass candle holders and a few gold accents on black and white linens.

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Oregon Outdoor Wedding

Frank Loyd Wright Wedding

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