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A Modern Minimal Venue Meets Romantic Organic Wedding

A Modern Minimal Venue Meets Romantic Organic Wedding

Bright colors are always exciting to see in a wedding, but a beautifully crafted neutral tone wedding is also just as awe-inspiring. And a prime example of one such event is Jamie and Brian's 2018 September wedding in Charleston South Carolina. This fabulous day had the groomsmen in heather grey, the bridesmaids in mismatched blues and the groom in a jaw-dropping deep teal suit. Wowza! We might just need to add him to our Stylish Ways To Dress Your Groom post! 

Keep scrolling to see more of this couple's gorgeous day and don't forget to stop by the full gallery. We have even more to love in there thanks to the photos from the talented Victoria Gloria

greenery wedding invitation suite

bride with neutral bouquet wedding first look

wedding first look location wedding first look candid wedding couple photo

Meet Cute 

It all started when Jamie and Brian both got accepted early decision to Lehigh University, a small private college in eastern Pennsylvania. On move in day, the two met for the first time in the hallway, come to find out that their rooms were next to each other. Brian claims that when he first introduced himself, Jamie rolled her eyes at him; Jamie begs to differ. 

During freshman year, Brian and Jamie became good friends. They spent many late nights with their new group of friends, hanging out in the dorm hallways after parties ended. Sophomore year they both moved to greek housing and once again found themselves neighbors at the top of the hill. They danced together at a few parties and shared many laughs. Little did Jamie known, Brian had a crush on her since the first time they met. 

The first day of senior year, Brian decided to text newly single Jamie asking her to hang out. When he opened his phone and started typing a message to Jamie he saw "..." indicating that she was typing to him. Confused, he waited a minute, and sure enough, Jamie texted him "where are you?". That night they met up at Leon's (the worst college bar in the history of college bars) and they've been in love ever since. 

here comes the bride and groom

deep green groom suit

wedding venue wedding kiss

mismatched blue bridal party

sweet wedding couple photo

bride and groomsmen

The Perfect Spot

We chose Charleston because it is a special place to us as we each have one parent that lives in Charleston. My dad bought a house there about 5 years ago and moved down there full time when he retired. Brian's parents got divorced about 3 years ago and just by coincidence, his mom decided to move down there. So we enjoy it because it is a place where we both have family. We went to visit them and fell in love with the city, its charm, beauty, and history. 

We got engaged in Charleston at the pineapple fountain making it seem even more appropriate to get married there. The day after we got engaged we actually went and looked at the Cedar Room after researching venues online. I felt like it was super premature but I knew we were going back to Boston the next day and would have to make a separate trip to look at venues so we just decided to go then. When we walked in we fell in love. The exposed brick and industrial feel while still keeping it romantic, it was perfect. We loved that it was a HUGE open space that we could fit all of our family and guests together. 

The history of the building and the fact that it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places made it even cooler. To see all the different colors of chipped paint overlying the brick made us feel connected to all of the people that had worked/spent time there throughout the history of Charleston. I also remember I could smell the food from Mercantile and Mash when I went to the bathroom in the venue and I was sold. We wanted something non-traditional and I felt like the Cedar Room had it all. The patio and space outside sealed the deal. 

wedding program sign

giant wreath wedding ceremony backdrop hurricane glass candle decor

sweet bride and groom tying the knot

wedding kiss

The Look

I always knew I wanted to go with something non-traditional. I loved the idea of mixing the industrial large feel of the Cedar Room with something muted and romantic. I wanted to stay with neutral colors and give it a laid back vibe. I was never a huge fan of flowers and had noticed when I visited Charleston all of the cool grasses and different plants which inspired us to incorporate these into our décor and leave out the traditional flowers. 

modern wedding seat signs

greenery wedding table florals wedding table with greenery halo

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airplant wedding cake

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