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A DIY Outdoor Wedding For $20K At Aliso Viejo Ranch

Aliso Viejo Wedding

If you're planning a DIY wedding then this wedding is for you! Not only did the couple DIY most of their wedding but they also shared their advice for the big day. Their bridesmaids were dressed in light blues and greens with very neutral flowers. Flowers that are so pretty you would not guess that they were done by the couple. They also had a unique moment during their ceremony as they had their cousin read a poem. Read on to hear more unique details about this wedding and to get lots of tips from this couple!

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Advice From The Couple

Riley and Angel describe their wedding to have been chaotic, joyful, and blissful, in all the best ways. They are two people who fell in love years ago and really the rest was history. They knew they wanted to get married and that they were each others forever. The love these two hold and the way they look at each other is truly something special.

When it comes to wedding advice, Riley and Angel said, "I made a color-coordinated schedule explaining what each vendor should be doing at what time, what the guests were doing, and what the brides and bridal party needed to do. This turned out to be incredibly helpful and it helped put everyone working the wedding on one page, especially because none of our vendors had met each other before." They also said, "I know a lot of people say to make time for your spouse to have some quiet moments on your wedding day, which is absolutely necessary because it helps alleviate any nerves or stress of the day. But I would also say to cut out some time just for some family members. I remember spending some time with my mom and aunt as I got dressed and seeing that look in their eyes is something I'll never forget."

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What Made This Day Special

The wedding party was dressed in light blues and greens, with very neutral flowers. They were scattered with half-up do's and nice beach waves. Angel and Riley both wore their hair in low buns. Riley rocked a stunning satin dress with a low-cut front while angel wore a stunning white pantsuit and a rhinestone tank top to stand out underneath. I asked Riley what was one special moment she would cherish forever from her wedding day and she said, "The most special part of the ceremony for us was having my cousin read a poem written by Wilfred Arian Peterson, "The Art of a Good Marriage". My cousin's father (my mom's brother) actually read a similar poem at my parent's wedding, so to have his son read a special reading for ours made it that much more special. Less than a year before our wedding, my 19-year-old cousin passed away. She was the younger sister of Grant, who did this reading. Having him take her place gave me such a special way to remember my beautiful cousin that we so wanted to be there. Though many of our guests were unaware of the change in plans, hearing his voice brought her back with us for just a moment during our wedding ceremony. It was such a beautiful way to remember our wonderful cousin while we promised forever to each other."

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blue bridesmaids

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