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2011 brides…We want you! ;) {Amanda McMahon Photography booking special}

2011 brides...We want you! ;) {Amanda McMahon Photography booking special}

For the first time, we are offering a End of Summer...Welcome to Fall Booking Special.  We have a bunch of dates open for 2011 still and of course, we want more brides and grooms to our family!

For example:::: Your wedding day is January 27th 2011. You love our work, we get along amazingly, and you book us....BAM, there goes $ 150!  Book by Sept 13th and it's $200 off!Here are the steps to getting this awesome savings for your 2011 wedding......Ready....GO!

1.) Make sure you're getting married in 2011 :) That should be easy!

2.) Countdown the days til your wedding....ladies, I am totally sure you already are, so this should be easy too!

3.) Email us at [email protected] to book your wedding, or to schedule a meeting!

4.) Save up to $300 off as long as you book by Sept 30th 2010.  Book by Sept 13th and we will subtract an additional $50 off!

Tell your friends, Tell your family....Tell a stranger....or anyone who is getting married! Our 2011 dates will fill up quickly so book ASAP to ensure your date is saved just for you! All of our 2011 collections include engagement sessions as well....BONUS!

We cannot wait to meet all of you.....so hurry up and email us !!!!

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