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Yes, You Do Need a Neon Sign for Your Nuptials

Yes, You Do Need a Neon Sign for Your Nuptials

Now, don’t get us wrong, every wedding is beautiful, memorable, entrancing, and electrifying in some way (usually more than one, too!) - but there are some elements that can help plus up your overall ‘amazing event’ score. Good food and drinks? That’s one. Great music? That’s two. An awesome after party? That’s three. A couple of newlyweds who are legit radiating love from start to finish? That’s four. And something that can turn the bright level up on all of these things? All the rest of the points. We happen to know a brand that literally lights things up for living: and Sculpt Neon Signs, you have our hearts forever.

Need A sign for why these guys are 👍 for your day?

Maybe these will help.

It’s their business. 

Like, neon is their all-in, full tilt, ‘this is what we do, and we’re damn good at it’ business. Their staff knows the SN product top to bottom and left to right, so they’ll be able to help you through every step of the process, from idea to finished product.

It’s custom and infinitely creative. 

With so many choices of colors and fonts, your sign can be tailored to reflect your [couple] personality, the vibe of your vows, or your mood on the happiest of days.

Yes, You Do Need a Neon Sign for Your Nuptials

It’s also a real-life creative lighting solution. 

So, if your venue/space needs a little extra illumination, you can count on your sign to bring it - boldly. Or, if you need something to provide direction for your guests or highlight something they won’t want to miss - hello, neon sign, come through!

Safety is top priority. 

The energy-efficient, best-quality lights are flawlessly engineered with LED neon piping using the utmost care to ensure quality, durability, and performance that’s built to last a full decade or longer. They do not heat up and are entirely safe to use for an extended period of time. Which means #PartyTillTheLightsGoOut (and they won’t, so I guess rally until the sun comes up?) 

And sustainability matters. 

The company is committed to being environmentally-conscious, so all the lights are designed in an eco-friendly manner, with no harmful emissions.

Oh, and one last one, for the procrastinators in the back (no judgment, we’re no strangers to the last-minute hustle): they’re the fastest delivery company in the world. That’s fast with an “est” superlative at the end, so it’s not to be taken lightly.

Yes, You Do Need a Neon Sign for Your Nuptials

Whether you choose from one of their fabulous “wedding collection” pieces or create your own with your unique hashtag, your initials, your hopes for the happily ever after, or a phrase or song lyric that only the two of you feel life from, you’ll be flush with that lit-from-within glow. Not even kidding!

These testimonials will spell it out for you a little more

“Absolutely love my new sign, after being very disappointed with another neon light company (ripped off) I was over the moon with Sculpt service. So easy to order, fast delivery. All round a brilliant service. 💯will use this company again.” ~ Naomi

“We are so happy with our sign! It is LED neon which means it’s very light and also that the colour is bright even in daylight. We ordered it for our wedding to have behind the top table but also chose to have it made safe to use outside so we can put it in our garden afterwards. It came with a dimmer switch and remote control and has different modes of flashing or still that you can choose from. We chose pink and the colour is perfect traditional neon pink. Despite being LED, it looks like a traditional neon. I was amazed at how quickly it came and the price was great in comparison to other providers. The customer service was so friendly and quick to respond and super helpful throughout the process of making our bespoke order. I would definitely recommend them and would use them again for future neon needs!” ~ Abaigh

Yes, You Do Need a Neon Sign for Your Nuptials

… So, if you’re asking if we think you need a neon sign at your wedding - we’re saying “yes, your sign and your wedding are better together.” And if you’re asking if Sculpt Neon Signs is the one to help you do it? We’re saying “we couldn’t be more crazy in love” with this trendy, custom crew. 

Sculpt Neon Signs operates in 3 Countries:

If you're in the USA --> Visit Here

If you're in the UK --> Visit Here

If you're in Australia --> Visit Here


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