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Why Have One Wedding Officiant When You Can Have Two?

Why Have One Wedding Officiant When You Can Have Two? Photo from:

Chicks, we had a major bridal breakthrough today - and it has to do with the subject of wedding officiants. How many of you reading this have only really considered wedding officiating to be a one-man kind of job? I def have! That’s just what we see usually, right? One person, male or female, up at the altar presiding over all the “I Do” officials. Well, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma flipped the switch on that, as it’s come out today, through multiple sources, that they had two officiants for their wedding last weekend. One of which used to go by the name of McLovin…

I’ve known for a while that Matthew Koma and Christopher Mintz-Plasse were buds, they’re always popping up on each other’s Gram feed. But I was so excited to see Chris show up as his bro’s number one (actually two, #becauseLuca) for the wedding - looking real handsome, too, dressed in monochrome black - from bowtie to bottom. He had a partner in crime, too, Hilary’s costar on Younger, Molly Bernard. I’m a huge Chicago Med fan, and it’s fun to see Molly in a happy, celebratory situation like a wedding, because on-screen she’s usj dealing with IV drips, drugs, and death (all with a pretty legit resting b**** face on).

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In any case, today Molly posted a series of throwback photos from last Saturday - and while we didn’t get footage of the actual ceremony 😔 (maybe Hils will leak some of that sometime soon, we’ve got our fingers crossed), several of the entertainment sources say that Bernard and Mintz-Plasse shared really sweet stories and anecdotes to celebrate their parent pals and the union they had the honor to emcee.

Not going to lie, I think we’d all be pretty psyched to get to play a part in Hilary Duff’s wedding - I’ve wanted to be her best friend since she was in Casper Meets Wendy - but the bigger things we got from the couple’s choice to have two officiants are as follows. And we’re here for ANYONE leaning into their lead, because guess what? There are no rules to choosing an officiant these days.

The privileges are just as special as MOH and Best Man. 

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Couples with kids (adorable ones like Luca and Banks) like Hilary and Matthew can have their minis in the roles of MOH and Best Man while still setting aside equally important roles for the best friends, siblings, etc. This goes for couples, too, who might already have a MOH+Best Man (siblings, perhaps), but still want another pair to feel VIP at their vows.

The ceremony will inevitably lead to blended perspectives. 

Another reason why we love this idea of two officiants is the opportunity it allows for each officiant to speak about his or her friend/family member and then morph into musings about the two as a powerful pair - how their best life is one shared together.

The cooperation//teamwork can be a great thing for subsequent separation anxiety.

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Molly was pretty much all of us when she captioned one of her photos with “@mintzplasse’s somber farewell to his better half @matthewkoma and my personal panic joy as we wed him to @hilaryduff.” There’s strength in numbers. So, when you can lean on each other at the same time you’re feeling like you’re losing your person to his or her lover - in marriage - you’ll be stacking up serious support 🙌🙌🙌.

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