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Whimsical Citrus Inspired Shoot On The First Day Of Spring

Whimsical Citrus Inspired Shoot On The First Day Of Spring

With spring on the horizon and the days starting to feel just a tad bit longer, a healthy dose of warm and bright wedding decor seemed needed. And thanks to the talents of LoveLee Celebrations and a team of fabulous wedding vendors that is exactly what this citrusy wedding inspiration is. Soft pinks and golds are brought to vibrant life with the eye-popping kumquat orange. 

So if you are feeling like Summer will never get here, take a minute and enjoy the spring and summer vibes of this delightful wedding inspiration. You can see even more in the full gallery, which is filled to bursting with images from Maureen Im Photography.

kumquat inspired wedding invitation suite

From LoveLee Celebrations

This styled shoot’s palette includes all the colors you’d find in your everyday citrus favorites. Highlighting the rich orange of kumquats, it’s paired with soft pinks and yellows to create a soft, warm yet bright tone. This is shown in the invitations featuring kumquat vines, the floral bouquet, and centerpieces that are so wildly unstructured and the little details on the tablescape. To balance things out naturally; there was no shortage of lush greenery provided by Rikki Marcone Events

Set in the quaint courtyard of the McLean House, we show that in the midst of Toronto’s bustling city, brides can still plan a beautiful outdoor wedding, transporting their guests into an intimate garden wedding filled with romance in the air. 

wedding shoes and bouquet Catherine Langlois Bridal wedding dress romantic wedding updo

wedding ready in Catherine Langlois Bridal dress overgrown garden floral decor

Catherine Langlois Bridal wedding dress

Favorite details

Window Floral Installation

Leading to the second floor there was a little nook of a windowsill with the perfect amount of light floating in. As the bride sat on the ledge she was surrounded by blooms and vines. The florals resembled the vines that grew on the walls outside of the estate that had found its way inside to frame the bride for an angelic moment. 

Airy Wedding Gown

What really ties everything together is the brides gown by Catherine Langlois. The peachy pink color differs from your classic white and offers a softer touch. The light material adds to the overall airiness, perfect for a playful and free-spirited bride and can we talk about the pearl details at the back of the gown! These delicate details are paired perfectly with The Loved One’s bridal accessories.

wedding sign

bride in romantic flowing wedding dress wedding cocktails

kumquat wedding cocktail

Grapefruit Mint Cocktail

Can’t have a citrus-themed shoot without a citrusy cocktail! We loved including this as a part of our shoot! 


1/4 cup Grapefruit Juice   |  ½ cup Club Soda  |  ¼ Vodka  |  5-8 Kumquats  |  1 tbsp granulated sugar  |  Salt  |  Mint (for garnish) 


1. Dip the rim of 2 glasses in water followed by salt
2. Thinly cut kumquats, set aside
3. Add ½ of kumquats slices into a cocktail shaker along with sugar, muddle.
4. Fill bottom of glasses with kumquat mixture
5. Add grapefruit juice, club soda, vodka, and remaining kumquats to shaker and shake for 20-30 seconds. Pour to glasses. 6. Garnish with more kumquat slices & mint leaf

romantic garden wedding reception idea

soft pink springtime florals soft pink gold and orange wedding table spring time garden wedding reception

kumquat inspired wedding place setting

Kumquat wedding cocktail

outdoor garden wedding twirling in your wedding dress

spring inspired wedding dessert table

flower inspired wedding cake

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