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When And How To Use Silk Flowers In Your Wedding Decor

When And How To Use Silk Flowers In Your Wedding Decor

Fake flowers are notorious for looking tacky and totally obvious... but what if they could blend in so well that no one would be able to spot them? What would you say if we told you that this beautiful industrial romance shoot had silk flowers hidden in plain view? Would you want to know their secrets? Would you want to know when and how to use silk flowers for your big day? 

Well, keep scrolling to find four great tips on using silk flowers and the benefits of doing so.  Plus you will find a full floral arrangement breakdown, and there are tons more photos from Clapp Studios in our full gallery. Trust us you are going to want to keep scrolling! 

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From Birds Of Paradise Events

Mixing silk and real blooms for your wedding is the perfect way to have the glamour without the challenges some blooms offer.

Not your mom's silk flowers, new varieties look and feel like the real thing. For this inspiration styled shoot, Bella Fiori Flowers chose high-quality, real-touch silk blooms for the Hydrangea and Phalaenopsis Orchids. 

Natural blooms used: 

Vendela roses | Polo roses  | Pink O'Hara garden roses | Versilia roses | White majolica spray roses | Ilse peach spray roses | Princess Charlene garden roses | Titanic roses 

Silk blooms used: 

Phalaenopsis Orchids | Hydrangea 

roses and silk flowers used

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There’s a science to creating an arrangement of mixed blooms. Here are a few how-to tips for deciding when to use silk vs. natural flowers for your mixed arrangement.

Tip No. One

Consider temperatures when planning your wedding florals. Natural Hydrangeas wilt after long periods in high-temps, however, it’s a wedding favorite. Silks will make a better choice if you want the voluminous look this bloom can bring. The silk version of this popular wedding flower will last from ceremony to the last dance. 

Tip No. Two

Go natural with fragrant florals. For this shoot we choose natural roses adding an additional sensory element to the arrangements. 

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Tip No. Three

If you or your partner suffer from allergies, swap out your favorite high-pollen flower for an allergen-friendly silk version. Lilies are gorgeous but notoriously problematic for allergy suffers. 

Tip No. Four

Who doesn’t love orchids? The orchid offers chic sophistication to any arrangement but can be temperamental. The bloom offers challenges in extreme temperatures and with improper handling. Silk orchids will provide a risk-adverse solution with plenty of glamour.

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