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What Music Should You Play At Your Wedding? Let Us Help!

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What Music Should You Play At Your Wedding? Let Us Help! You'll need more music then you might think. Music for walking down the aisle, music for your ceremony, music for walking back up the aisle, cocktail hour music, dinner music, party music and wedding exit music! Holy cow, if you aren't planning on live music for your whole event you are definitely going to need a solid playlist or two. And when your wedding them has a music vibe much like this gorgeous Vineyard wedding shoot you are going to want to make sure your music is on point. 

So keep scrolling to see more of these fabulous wedding ideas put together by Mychelle LeVan Photography an a team of talented vendors as well as find several Wedding Chicks curated wedding playlist for your big day! Enjoy and don't forget to stop by the full gallery!

vintage birdcage wedding veil

mermaid style dress train from Shades of White Bridal bridal style

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glitter bridesmaid dress and purple dress

purple bridesmaid bouquet bridesmaids in purple and champagne sparkles milkmaid braid bridesmaid hair

whimsical wedding table ideas

bride and groom wedding style vineyard wedding reception

fantasy wedding place setting with gold and floral print china

Talk Music To Me

From Mychelle LeVan Photography: No matter who you are or where you come from there is something about music that reaches the soul. It speaks a special universal language that can not be expressed in words. There is a freedom to be ourselves, to let go and just be. The same goes when you find true love. There is a richness that reaches the soul and speaks to the heart. The freedom and comfort in unconditional love is unmatchable. The melodies and harmonies in music and relationships have such a purpose. They have a belonging to one another that wouldn't be complete by themselves.

An entire love story could be written from just one photo of a bride in her wedding gown. I see a passion for life, an excited expectation, a joyous love, a sweet caring, a tender hope and a wild freedom all wrapped into every bride. Music has a way of expressing it all; without our vision, sense of smell, taste or even words. I was hoping to portray my vision in this shoot with a classic style and a touch of vintage. Combining all of this into something beautiful. 

vintage vineyard wedding couple

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wedding cake and cocktails wedding cake table ideas wedding cocktails for your cocktails hour

signature plum cocktail

classic groom style purple and orange boutonniere

Playing Through the Rain

Wild Stallion Vineyards was also part of my inspiration! I knew I had to have my bride in the vineyard with a violin! A vineyard in itself is so organic; new seasons, new life, even a renewal of life, if you will. Life and growth happen in a Vineyard as well as in music and love. I could not have had this shoot anywhere else. 

We had Thunderstorms rolling in and through all of Houston the previous 2 days and the morning on our scheduled shoot. I couldn't call it off due to rain for sake of all the vendors who had put all their efforts in for me! So we were going to make something work no matter the weather. However, as we all began to arrive the rain had dissipated and as we began to plan our attack and set up some of the scenes the clouds began to lighten. By the time I began the actual shooting the sun began to shine through the clouds! We could hear the breeze and feel the music of the team coming together! It was such a beautiful and successful day!

romantic and whimsical wedding decor

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music themed wedding ideas vintage megaphone lets make music together forever

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