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Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It

Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Photo from:

I loveeed growing up in the 90s, and sometimes it actually pains me to think about all the cool things I was obsessed with back then - and how much I’d dieee to have them back in my life again. That being said, since so many 90s kids are now getting married, a lot of them are bringing back relics of their childhood and infusing them into their nuptials. And we couldn’t be anyyy more excited about it.

Now, granted, there are some 90s staples, like jellies, that we don’t foresee ever making a reappearance in fashion or life, let alone weddings, again, but stranger things have happened. Like sparkle Crocs selling out… So, you never know. I, for one, would love to see bra strap headbands get hyped up again (I’m pretty sure I had 16 of them, with various embellishments, at one point in my life. Claire’s/Icing was my ultimate jam); bridesmaids, that’s my challenge to you - make them cool again, k?

As for 90s things that ARE making weddings great again, here are a few of our favorite fads and how they’re being reworked for knots tied RN.

Sweet treats.

Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Dunkaroos Cupcake Recipe Courtesy of:

Okay, so yes, doughnuts and cinnamon rolls are still trending and probs will be for quite a while. But for couples who were children in the 1990s, the snack of life was Dunkaroos (in fact, there isn’t really a day that goes by in my life now when I don’t think about them and remember the taste). The flavor can’t be forgotten, and brides know it - so they’re asking bakeries to redo Dunkaroos for their wedding cake, cupcakes for the engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette, even snacks like sweet sprinkle dip and whatnot for their after parties. 

Funfetti, too, was a major part of my formative years - and I can’t remember how many times my mom made cupcakes baked in ice cream cones for my class when it was my birthday. Things like these have suchhh potential to come back and make every guest who sees them at the wedding get goose bumps (ummm another 90s thing, right?!?!!).


Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Photo from:

True, us 90s kiddos weren’t turning up back then, but the drinks that our parents were getting nice and blitzed from are certainly go-tos for signature cocktails these days. Sex and the City-style Cosmos are super fun (especially elderflower white cosmos, because #weddingaesthetic), as are bellinis, the best brunch sip there’s ever been. I don’t think bridal showers and brunch weddings could even exist without them. 

Oh! And boozy milkshakes. They got big in the 90s, and are still phenomenally popular, due in great part to the booze-infused ice cream brands and ‘barlours’ that have become viral parts of our culture. Though they’re a little heavy for a signature wedding cocktail, spiked milkshakes are for sure an amazing idea for the after party / even the night before the wedding, when a bride might be having a sleepover party with her best girls and need a nostalgic kind of nightcap.


Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Choker by:

Okay, so not a total departure from the bra strap headband, but maybe a little more mainstream, chokers were a big deal in the 90s - and they’re just as tight these days. We’ve actually fallen pretty in love with the look (my aunt wore a choker to my cousin’s wedding in January, and not only was I super proud of her #werk, it looked SO GOOD), and think the tattooed iterations take us right back to elementary school. Anyone else have like 1200 of those stretchy black ones?

Scrunchies and clips.

Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Butterfly clips by:

If you were a 90s girl, with all the Lisa Frank, tons of cool pencil erasers, and the like, you probably also couldn’t have enough scrunchies and butterfly clips for your hair. I remember every version of them that I had, clear neon ones, frosted pastel ones, glitter ones, ones that were slightly iridescent - they all were stylish AF. Well, now, you can def go to Urban Outfitters and find clips that look exactly like they did when you were in 3rd and 4th grade, but for brides, the trend is a bit more aisle-inspired. Butterfly clips are larger, and more lifelike, looking like real butterflies actually landing effortlessly in your hair. Or they're more metallic and whimsy-woodland. It’s a really pretty fine art accoutrement to an undone, yet stunningly-styled updo.

Alternately, you can go super classic and refined with a scrunchie that’s straight up French haute couture. We’re ALL about this.

Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Scrunchie by:

Jean jackets and fanny packs.

Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Photo from:

They were a permanent part of my fashion situation when I was in elementary school (I had a Minnie Mouse one, one with stars, one that was frayed and fringed), and not really sure I’ve retired them from my wardrobe. Ever. That’s why I’m always excited when I see brides rocking denim for their big days, their bridesmaids throwing on embroidered jackets for the occasion, even grooms with custom-made man jackets. Kaley Cuoco and her hubby wore bespoke jean jackets with their initials the day after their best day ever, and they looked adorable. Can’t see this thing tiring any time soon…

Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Photo from:

If you haven’t fanny-packed for your last fling before the ring, then you probs didn’t do it right. These 90s hip hold-alls were hot and they’ve come back in a huge way over the last few years (ummm... need one now??! We gotchyuu). Bachelorettes will never be the same again, since they resurfaced, and we’re totally okay with that. #allthelikes.

wifey fanny pack bachelorette party


Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Wedding favor by:

Talk about a fun favor idea or a really awesome throwback gift for the guys and girls in your bridal party (just because they were probs living the life with you back then, they get it). The little ones, flower girls and ring bearers would get such a kick out of these, too. Might need a tutorial from their moms and dads, but they’ll be glued to these toys for weeks after the wedding…

We found some really cute ones on Etsy that can be personalized, too.

Ring Pops.

Weddings Are Throwing Back to the 90s and We Love It Jophie Wedding Pic from:

Aside from Push Pops, Ring Pops were legit the greatest thing to ever grace a 90s kid’s finger (next to Yo-Yos, of course). And thanks to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, we know they’ll continue being cool for couples getting married.

Check back next week for our 90s playlist - the best ever - and maybe a few extra ideas on 90s personalization. Like a love note written to your soon-to-be-spouse, the way you used to pass it in class… Folded like a triangle ❤️.

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