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Wedding Season Meets ComicCon Season How To Nerd Out On Your Big Day


Ah, summer the season of weddings… but that’s not the only thing blooming this time of year, it also happens to be Comic-Con season too! Do you know what that means? NERD WEDDINGS!!!

As the office nerd, I took it upon myself to gather up some insanely Nerdy/Geeky wedding ideas that are straight out of some of your very favorite comic books, Tv series, and movies! So hang on to your hats wedding fans, it’s about to get Sci-fi up in here, as my favorite Doctor (that’s Doctor Who) says, “Allons y”.

Engagement Photos

You know what dressing up and posing in front of a camera is for Comic-con nerds? Cosplay! This is a whole shoot you get to plan and turn into ANYTHING your heart desires. ... not sure what that might be, here take a look at some of my very favorite nerdy  engagement shoots. 

engagement-lois-lane-and-superman-train engagement photos:

engagement-comic-book-store Engagement Photos:

engagement-comic-book Engagement Photos:

engagement-superman Engagement Photos:

engagement-arcade Engagement Photos:

Save The Dates & Invitations

So many fun avenues to go down with this particular wedding element. Are you a comic book nerd, do you love a certain tv show? There are wedding invitations AND save the dates out there that will encapsulate it for your big day's wedding stationery!

save-the-date-comic-book Save The Date:

save-the-date-adventure-time Save The Date:

invitation-doctor-who Wedding Invitation:

Wedding Style

Oooookay, I might have gone a little overboard with this particular section, but once you start the nerd boulder rolling it is REALLY hard to get it to stop. All of these amazing wedding looks are just a small taste of what is out there that embraces the weird niches of comic-con fandom. Go forth my little nerdlings, and google your own favorite things with the prefix wedding, you won't be disappointed!

wedding-look-deadpool Wedding Look:

wedding-look-wonder-woman Wedding look:

wedding-look-batman Wedding look:

wedding-look-hunger-games Wedding Look:

wedding-look-fallout Wedding look:

wedding-look-harley-quinn-and-joker Wedding look:

wedding-look-game-of-thrones Wedding Look:

wedding-look-nightmare-before-christmas Wedding Look:

wedding-look-classic-comic Wedding Look:

wedding-look-comic-book-groom-suit Wedding Look:

wedding-look-tron-bridesmaids-dress Wedding Looks:

wedding-look-groomsmen-mario-boutoniers Wedding Looks:

wedding-look-robin-ring-bearer Wedding Looks:

Wedding Decor

Wedding decor can be tricky, how do you keep a classic wedding look while you try to please that nitpicky nerd voice in your brain. Hint... you don't. Just toss away your classic wedding plans, the whole point was to get your geek on, so do it! It's your day, have a blast with it!

decor-minecraft Decor:

wedding-look-lightsaber-bouquet Decor:

decor-harry-potter Decor:

decor-mario-favor-box Decor:

decor-game-of-thrones Decor:

decor-game-of-thrones Decor:

decor-doctor-who-centerpiece Decor:

decor-zelda-sweetheart-table Decor:

decor-dnd-kissing-game Decor:

decor-ddr-reception-game Decor:


The Cake is a solid way to plant your nerd flag and just let it wave. Check out these five sweet fan art masterpieces!

cake-harry-potter Wedding Cake:

cake-game-of-thrones Wedding Cake:

cake-portal Wedding Cake:

cake-star-wars Wedding Cake:

cake-nintendo Wedding Cake:

Wedding Photo Op

So you are getting all dressed up for your big day, what sort of fun photos are you planning to have taken? Whether you dress the part or not you can take some super cute themed photos, these are some of my personal favorites!

xlgq9x photo op: Spidey Kiss

wedding-photo-boom photo op:

wedding-photo-face-cut-out-photo-booth photo op:

wedding-photo-joker-and-harley-smoke-bomb photo op:

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