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Wedding Crocs Will Actually Be Huge This Wedding Season

Wedding Crocs Will Actually Be Huge This Wedding Season Shoes:

Okay, guys, so I’ll be the first one to say that Crocs have never really been my thing. Anyone else? I’m sure I have moreeee than a few of you on team #usuallycausticallyanticrocs. That being said, my husband’s fam have been long-time fans of the brand and I’ve gone into my fair share of Crocs stores while on vacay with them. My in laws love the classic clog looks, while my sisters-in-law like the wedges or fancy flips; I’m definitely more partial to their preferences, for obvious reasons.

So, when I was social media stalking, and I saw that sparkle Crocs were becoming a real thing this wedding season - I kind of got really excited. Sneakers have been supes popular with brides lusting for a casj look, tennis shoes have been trending, and thanks to our friends at Birdies, so have sophisticated, seriously-stylish slippers, so why wouldn’t a cool AF clog start stealing the hearts of brides everywhere? Especially the ones who pledged a lifetime ago that they’d never everrrrr wear a pair. Welcome to a new world, brides, where comfort can finally coexist with chicness.

Crocs, itself, actually has its own cache of wedding-appropriate styles - in iterations of white, gold, silver, blue (yes, a bright blue that I’m not the biggest fan of, but for sure someone else’s #somethingblue) - I actually really like these T-strap sandals and can totally get how some brides would love to swap out their heels for something lighter and much easier to walk in, take pictures in, etc. Check out the rest of their wedding collection, I peeped some brand-new platform flip flops and embellished sandals that could absolutely be fun fits for I Dos.

Nottttt badddd, right?!?!!

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But back to the sparkle Crocs… these have actually gone viral courtesy of an Etsy designer who does some really epic things with sequins and glitter. Princess Pumps, you’ll now forever be known as our shoe 🦄🦄🦄. And your Starlight Sequin Crystal Iris Clogs Classics are easily one of our favorite things for 2019 brides, because they’re slip on (win), they get major points for comfort (win), and they’re decorated with a holographic, all-over kind of sequin sparkle that is consistently covetable (win). 

Wedding Crocs Will Actually Be Huge This Wedding Season

They’re being sold for $99.99, and an under-$100 price tag for wedding shoes usually doesn’t exist. Sooo, that’s pretty awesome. And truly, even if you don’t rock them down the aisle, you can whip them out for the after party… I don’t know, I kind of catch a Kylie Jenner, Met Gala gorgeous vibe from these. I can’t be the only one who sees it. Right?

Even if the custom Crocs aren’t your jam, we're sure you can think about something else to do with your shoes for your special day. We loveeee some of the stuff she does with vintage Chuck Taylors. 👇👇👇

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