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We Know Who to Hire for the Most Colorful Weddings in Mexico

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It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Mexico - and when I say a few, I really mean 4+ 😞. We had our honeymoon in Mexico, and it was truly the most incredible vacation I’ve ever taken. So amazing, in fact, that it almost made us wonder whether we’d be able to hold out on a vow renewal for five years (that’s the earliest I ever said I would do it). We kind of wanted to have a second wedding ceremony right then and there on the beach. It’s a good thing that we waited, though, because we’ll be celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary this September - and we’ve been considering cashing in those ‘we’re always open for babysitting’ points with the grandparents. #mommyanddaddyqueremosunasvacaciones. We have 8 months to plan it, and I’m pretty sure I know exactly who to call… Events by Bliss, what are your thoughts on beachside vows for the second time? Because my hubby and I are on board (way beyond it, really). 

Love, it’s what brings us all here today

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Yes, it’s a commonly-quoted adage that most celebrants say when they’re welcoming guests to the wedding ceremony. But it’s also what makes Bonnie Chase and her boutique wedding planning team show up to work every day. According to her husband, Bonnie is ‘a love dealer,’ and I can’t help but think that she and I are basically soulmates, because ‘I just love LOVE’ is literally something I’ve said countless times to people who’ve asked how I could possibly handle weddings ALL day everyday. No two weddings are the same, ever, but the significance of the day, the heart of it all is in service of love. And if you love love, well then it’s pretty easy to get excited about your clients’ special days in every way. That’s how Bonnie feels about it and so do her teammates. Not one of her couples is ever ‘handed off’ to one of her colleagues, they champion a collaborative energy and make the most of everyone’s strengths. At the end of the day, it takes a village to put the magic and spirit into an exchange of vows, and when everyone is working in tandem, that’s when weddings like these come to pass.

Would you just look at those colors?

Okay, so obviously there is something so entrancing about black and white photos; when you look at one, it’s as if like time was stopped and the moment was frozen to be immortalized forever. But in color, you kind of get the opposite, you almost feel like life is still happening in the photo, the emotion is palpable, the energy is electric, and the chemistry between two people tying the knot is bubbling over beautifully. 

Pink red coral and poppy tablescape at Mexico wedding Photo Credit:

With every event she plans in Mexico, Bonnie dreams in color. Seriously, her Instagram feed is prismatic and pulsating with life and love. And it’s not even just with photos of couples saying ‘I Do’ or even sharing first kisses, it’s often storytelling stills of tablescapes, lounges, altars, flowers, flags, etc. that make you feel like you were there, even if you weren’t.

Tara and Dylan Couple Dancing at Mexico Wedding Photo Credit:

Keep on scrolling through, we bet you can’t peep all these pics without feeling like you’ve just swallowed a 🌈 or at the very least felt like one of the ‘seers’ in Bird Box, just completely incapable of looking away from the wonder and splendor of these weddings.

Not one review that doesn't mention some ‘magic’

“Our wedding planning process and week in Cabo was flawless because of Bliss Events. Bonnie and Heidi created my dream wedding. I couldn't imagine planning and organizing our wedding without the guidance and wisdom from Bliss. From the venue suggestions to the colour of the napkins, everything was perfect. They took my ideas and made sure everything I wanted came to life. I was in awe of the ceremony and reception set up. Our family and friends were in love with our hotel and venue. They couldn't stop raving about the service, the food and drink, the beauty and overall ambiance of the wedding day. The whole day was far more magical than I could have ever imagined. We are so appreciative of all the hard work, detail and passion that went into our wedding. Thank you Bonnie and Heidi! We can't wait to come back to Cabo to see you again!” ~ Amy 

Tequila Shot Escort Cards at Mexican Wedding Photo Credit:

“Words cannot express my gratitude towards Bonnie and her team at Bliss Events! From our first conversation to our wrap up about the wedding, everything was exceptional with this team. I had less than 9 months to plan a destination wedding in Cabo with 240 guests and Bliss Events brought my vision to life. They were my best investment and always made sure to listen to all details I shared for the wedding. Bonnie will make you feel at ease. There were several times when I felt overwhelmed, but as soon as I spoke to Bonnie, I calmed down. She is the sweetest, most down to earth, patient, creative, quick thinker and kind person I know. She will fight for you to get you what you want! My guests were amazed with the magical setting of the wedding. Thank you Bonnie and Team for going above and beyond and exceeding all my expectations. For anyone looking for a coordinator: I highly recommend Bliss Events as they are incredibly reputable and have many connections with vendors. I know I will stay in contact with Bonnie in the future as she is more than an amazing coordinator, she is now a friend for life.” ~ Tannaz

We’d say to get a move on requesting your proposal, but that’s putting it so black and white-ly! Bonnie loves to hear from her couples and any time she receives an inquiry, she does her best to arrange a time to chat with her brides and grooms personally. Love this sooo much!

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