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An Aisle of Mirrors Helped Create This Upside-Down Wedding Inspo

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While most wedding concepts hang flowers and decor from above, this inspo went with the opposite theme: "upside down."

Keep scrolling to see all of the decor and flowers uniquely styled to come up from the ground into the air using mirrors and fog to help create the effect. Make sure to also click here to check out the full gallery of inspo photos by Lichttrunken, featuring planning and design by From Sophie with Love and The Featherette, as well as flowers by Hochzeits Bouquetterie.

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aisle of mirrors

The Aisle Was Made Entirely of Mirrors!

A particular highlight was the various mirror elements within the stationery, table setting, and background design. And not to be missed is the incredible ceremony "catwalk" that was created out of a mirror in the same shape as the tables.

pink wedding dress

dramatic wedding makeup

Creating a Dreamy, Intimate Vibe with Chandeliers & Flower Clouds

The atmosphere of the concept was created using large hanging chandeliers surrounded by tons of hanging floristry - also called Flower Clouds. Elegant, natural materials were made to appear as though they were growing out of the ground and became a work of art, created out of flowers, chandeliers, stones, and other natural elements.

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mirrored wedding reception


dramatic wedding ideas stone table numbers

The Flowers Got Dramatic with Light and Fog Accents

To play off of the light and fog, and to create a mystical vibe, the flowers incorporated fruit stands from nature and white Anthuriums that were painted white to have a pure white tone and a glossy finish. Orchids, silver leaves, white roses, carnations, bleached leaves, white stained veil gum, bleached preserved ruscus, black stained ferns, and white stained grasses were all also used to create that ethereal vibe throughout the entire space.

The cake by Le Pom Pom Cupcakes was a work of art, as well. It was multiple tiers and on multiple stands in order to be far from the ground and the stone, like it was naturally growing out of the ground.

sad beige wedding linens

The Dress Had to Fit the Vibe

One of the major goals of this inspo was to create a dream-like, intimate inspiration that looked toward a new trend for the wedding industry. The concept designers worked with a real couple, Julia and Hueseyin, in order to capture their deep connection within the upside-down theme.

The dress, courtesy of A.T. Moda Sposa, fit perfectly into the dreamy and intimate atmosphere with its beautiful, flowing tulle.

pink wedding dress

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