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Unique Wedding Table Decorations That You Can Totally DIY

Elegant Long Table Centerpiece Idea from Jamali Garden

Okay, just for a second, let’s talk about table setups for your wedding. Round tables are pretty basic, and easy enough to do right, since most venues have them in their inventory and most florists know what kind of magic to make with them. I had them at my wedding, and they looked great. But, rectangular tables are where it’s at. Not only are they more modern and cool AF, they bring in a much-needed intimate and all-together feel. When coupled with the right table decorations, rectangular tables can create a really great reception vibe, and guests will leave feeling inspired and like they were part of the family ((whether they were or not)). We definitely prefer this look, but we tapped our friends at Jamali Garden for their take, too. As one of New York City’s best-kept secrets for sourcing flowers and decor to outfit your ‘I Dos,’ Jamali Garden kind of has a thing for tricking out tablescapes - so, we challenged their team to come up with just a few ideas to make this table shape situation 👌.

But first, some dirt on this special place

And by dirt, we just mean details… Flower humor, hehehe. Anywayyy, Jamali Garden is a family-owned, wholesale source for florists, wedding and event planners, stylists, decorators, and set designers, for exclusive decor, floral, home, holiday, lighting, and garden products. Jamali’s mission is to bring customers unique products that would inspire them to create beautiful events. Influenced by having lived all over the world, their high design and well-curated selection of decor products comes from every corner of the globe.

Working in this industry, I’ve been there countless times - be it for styled photoshoots for sponsors, flat-lay filming to bulk up organic content for our brand’s social media channels, or simple prop shopping for events or live media opportunities - and it’s always been the ONE place I could seriously wander around for hours to find exactly what I needed. Not even kidding, for a winter/festive season photoshoot I was prepping for, in the dead of the summer, I was able to put together the most magical faux bouquets and centerpieces. I was so worried about how they’d look on film, but there was no reason. All the raw footage and proofs I got back were SOLID GOLD. In other words, they are so. legit.

And now back to the centerpieces

There’s truly nothing we love more than rectangular reception tables, with beautiful tabletop touches. But we’ll tell you, it isn’t cheap. What with the extra length of these guys, you’ll inevitably need to add more arrangements+centerpieces to balance things out. If you have the budget to turn these out with real flowers, then by all means, do it!! But Jamali did this all with silk flowers, soooo DIY-ing with fake blooms can still set a seriously-stunning tone.

Yes, they were concepted as wedding designs, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think about recreating the pink/citrus vignette for our dinner tables at home. Summer’s almost over… who doesn’t need ALL the poppy color they can get before things go dark for fall?!?!

Jamali Garden breaks down everything you’ll need to get these looks on your own on their blog, but here are some inspo pics to get you started. And our favorite parts of each, because obvi we have opinions 😍.

Rustic Wedding Table Decorations with Lanterns

Rustic Wedding Table Decorations with Lanterns by Jamali Garden and Ruffled Blog Credit:

Those white anthuriums and garden roses are EVERYTHING. And the lanterns. That bronze totally pops against the creams, peaches, and heavy-green hues happening from the flowers.

Beach Wedding Table Decorations with Seashells

Beach Wedding Table Decorations with Seashells by Jamali Garden

How perfect would this setup be for your late summer wedding? Especially if you have access to sturdy, long glass tables with driftwood legs. The petrified wood plates, circled with votives are so subtle and on point. And the mix of succulent varieties is so earthy and raw. We’ll take a few of those aeoniums to go, please!

Pink and Orange Long Table Centerpiece Ideas

Pink and Orange Long Table Centerpiece Ideas by Jamali Garden

Not much to say here, we’re wildly obsessed with this. I guess, just 13 words. Copper bowls, lots of pink, and a dollop of navel: summer nuptials perfection.

Check out the Jamali Garden blog for even more instruction on these unique and inspiring wedding table decorations (for all you visual and kinesthetic learners out there), and be sure to sign up for their FREE newsletter. Notifications on free shipping, sales events, and lots of other garden-fresh goodies.


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We partnered with Jamali Garden to share these simple and steal-worthy centerpiece ideas with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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