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This Wedding Inspiration Went All Natural

This Wedding Inspiration Went All Natural

The hills of California have seen some terrible natural disasters of-late if it's not mudslides in the spring, its wildfires in the summer and fall. And yet, with all that destruction, those rolling hills seem to magically come back to life again and again, as proof that beauty sustains. 

This next fabulous wedding inspiration is all about the natural beauty of the Santa Barbara hills. Keep scrolling to see how to incorporate organic elements into your all-natural wedding day! And as always, there is plenty more to see in the full gallery of images from Pura Soul Photography.

romantic sunset wedding portraits in the California hills

The Design

Just a few weeks after the horrific winter rains that caused the central coast mudslides, the rolling hills of Santa Barbara were all a sudden vibrant like never before. There was new growth everywhere; the grass was green and the sky was blue. 

Janna Brown Design made it easier to forget the damaged coastline and focus on the beauty right in front of us. Janna styled the invitation, love letters, rings, place cards and boutonniere using natural elements from the environment around us. In particular, she used small rocks, stones and dried berries from the hillside. The bride wore an antique, white cameo ring. 

wedding ring

natural bouquet style wedding shoes

natural escort card ide

The Style

Carol Hannah's stunning Triteia gown was a dramatic compliment. The soft curves of the mermaid style were duplicated in the rolling hills surrounding us. The groom wore a powder blue suit that matched the light and delicate style of the blonde haired blue eyed bride. 

Janet Villa applied the most natural and tasteful makeup; just enough to enhance the bride's natural features. Janet also left the bride’s blonde hair tousled and soft but tended to. This style of hair and make up is beautiful and tasteful. It leaves plenty of natural feminine beauty to shine through without too much fuss.

natural wedding portrait

wedding ring and wild flower style bouquet Carol Hannah Bridal wedding dress

romantic summer bridal style

summer time wedding couple groom in light blue suit

romantic summer wedding portraits

The Photography

We photographed the couple underneath the branches of a live oak tree, walking down a worn-out path and on the edge of the hillside, overlooking the central valley. The sunset was breathtaking and the colors looked like they should be made into an oil painting.

This shoot was organized by Charla Storey. All images were shot by Pura Soul Photography. All images were shot on medium format film Contax 645 with Fuji 400h Profilm. Scanning was completed by Goodman Film Lab. Devin and Skylar of Pura Soul Photography are fine art destination wedding photographers.

sweet wedding couple in the California hills

wildflower bouquet sunset wedding portrait

sunset photos in the hills

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