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This Styled Wedding Shoot Is Straight Out of a Fairytale

Bride and bridesmaid in tulle dresses on decorated swing

The inspiration for this styled shoot came from a dream about friendship, castles, and Prince Charming - the dream of two little girls running and playing around the Chateau Saint Joseph’s garden and imagining being grownup princesses for an afternoon.  Chateau Saint Joseph is a Haussmannian castle built in 1879. The building is so beautiful with it’s bucolic ambiance and surrounding nature that Frédéric and Delphine Roubieu decided to buy it for their children to grow up in. Seeing her girls playing in the garden, Delphine remembered how it was to be a little girl dreaming of being a princess. Of course, it also reminded her of one of the greatest bonds we can see at a wedding : the bride and her maid of honor. Combining those two aspects, Delphine imagined this photoshoot to illustrate that bond and make that dream come true.  Keep scrolling to see all of the incredible fairytale-esque photos by Morgane Ball, featuring floral creations by Nadezda Creations and dresses by the incredible Millia London, all captured on film by Panagiotakis George.  

Aerial view of invitation, engagement ring, and wedding shoes

Aerial view of shoes and lilacs

Aerial view of lilacs in envelope Aerial view of rhinestone wedding sandals and florals

Aerial view of vow booklets and lilacs

View of bride's updo with bouquet View of bridesmaid updo with floral hair piece

Portrait of bride surrounded by tulle

Portrait of bride and bridesmaid in tulle dresses holding bouquets

First of all, the main inspiration for our photoshoot and details was the famous painting Les Hasards Heureux de l’Escarpolette by Jean-Honoré Fragonard in 1767, illustrating that young ingenue twirling on the swing with her beautiful dress. That was the main inspiration for creating a scene with the swing decorated by floral details.  Then, the decision was made for the colors and florals to be seasonal. Indeed, for Delphine, the seasonal and local products were essential, therefore she decided to go for a lilac theme. Those flowers bloom at the beginning of May all around the castle. The florist, Nadezda Creations, decided to associate them with some very light pink and white flowers to add some romance to her arrangements.  

Portrait of estate

Reception tables with string lights and crystal chandeliers

Decorated swing

Two brides in front of estate with one bride on decorated swing

Reception tables with centerpiece and crystal chandelier

Close-up of wedding cake with lilacs Wedding cake on table surrounded by tulle

To illustrate the ultimate princess dream, Delphine decided to collaborate with Millia London  who brought the fluffiest dresses ever for the photoshoot.  Those dresses were a delight to wear as they’re so fluid and light, all while staying fashionable and glamorous.  And of course, a purple dress was chosen for the bridesmaid to match the lilac theme.  The ambient Delphine wanted the photoshoot to focus more on the friendship relationship of the girls than on the couple. We can see Prince Charming arriving and leaving with his princess, but that is another story for another time.  To be the perfect inspiration for brides-to-be, Delphine offered an inspiration for tables and cake settings, still matching the lilac theme.  

Bride encountering Prince Charming on horse

Bride riding horse in front of estate guided by Prince Charming

Portrait of bridesmaid in lilac tulle in front of ivy wall

Portrait of bride in front of framed photos Side portrait of bride holding lilac bouquet

Bride and bridesmaid with dog with floral collar

With the fairytale setting of real crystal chandeliers and a starry sky, the castle’s courtyard offers a spectacular place for weddings. When the sun goes down and the lights turns on, it is impossible not to get chills and feel the magic that encourages wedding dreams and inspiration.  To achieve this look, the creators of this shoot recommend: 

1. Find a fluid and light dress!  Not only are dresses like this photogenic, but they also very light and fun to wear. 

2. Work with seasonal flowers to create a dreamy, natural look. 

3. Incorporate a decorated swing.  Swings are fun for all ages, and the decoration adds a fun, romantic look to your wedding.

Bride in reception area at night with string lights and chandeliers lit up

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