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This Should Totally Be the New First Look Trend

This Should Totally Be the New First Look Trend Photo Credit:

We love us a first look, yes, yes we do. But there really hasn’t been anything “new” and/or groundbreaking about the trend in years… apart from all the viral first look pranks (groom’s best man dressing up, bride showing up in a dino suit, we’ve seen a bunch of them - and pretty sure they won’t be dying out anytime soon). That said, since we’re the Insta stalkers that we are, we’ve been seeing something gain popularity on the Gram - could be something that we’re wishing and willing to be true, but nonetheless, it’s certainly something that should be trending: floral first looks.

It’s funny, a few months ago, our Creative Partnerships Director and I were talking, and we were both saying how iconic that first time you see your bouquet really is. Usually, the way it works, your florist/floral designer will come to your bridal suite or your home with your bouquet and your bridesmaids' flowers. You’ll rush up to your own and inevitably be all 😍 or 😭over how gorgeous it turns out to be - especially if your florist doesn’t typically do bouquet samples or “sneak peeks.” I remember my sister being completely blown away by her bouquet last year at her wedding, because she had a very specific color palette and each time we’d meet with her florist, we’d go through dozens upon dozens of bloom species and just never land on the “perfect” match for the magenta that she lusted after.

Her floral designer ended up KILLING IT. Not to say that her first look with her husband was less anticlimactic, but I’d say it was on pretty on par with how she reacted to that ridiculously-stunning bouquet…. 

This Should Totally Be the New First Look Trend Photo Credit: @meltem.salb Florals & Event Planning: Avodah Living

So, this brings me to my hope for a new first look trend:

  • The bridesmaids get their bouquets, the moms get their corsages, all the men get their boutonnieres, while the bride’s is still a mystery.

  • Leading up to that magical moment when the bride sees her partner for the first time - the photographer and florist pay her groom or bride a visit and leave him or her with bae’s bouquet.

  • And once they meet, the bride not only gets to see her guy or girl looking fine as hell, she also gets to clutch her flowers for the first time. Smell the petals, cry over the colors, and fall even more in love with who she is as a bride on her big day, etc. 

… Not to mention, gives the groom something to do with his hands while he waits, right? #somethingnew from that traditional hands clasped in front pose…

This Should Totally Be the New First Look Trend Photo Credit:

What do you think? Does this dream of ours have potential to trend? HOPE SO!

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