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This Is the Reason Everyone Loves a Diamond Engagement Ring

This Is the Reason Everyone Loves a Diamond Engagement Ring

You know, we’ve gone back and forth, back and forth about engagement rings here, and each day, our obsessions change. Diamonds today? Gemstones tomorrow? No stone e-rings the next? Truth is, engagement rings are so unique and versatile these days that we really can’t pick a favorite. We do know, though, why lots of soon-to-be engaged ladies still LOVEEEE a diamond. And no, it has nothing to do with “tradition.” We’re wayyy past that. No, for real, women still can’t shake the allure of a diamond, because it sparkles like none other. If ✨✨✨ can make it into that “look what I just got!!!!” selfie, well, then, that’s a win. We chatted with Hearts On Fire, the creators of the world’s “most perfectly cut diamond,” and they couldn’t agree more with our perspective. They also happen to be responsible for some of THE sparkliest engagement rings on the market today, so, you know, it only makes sense.

That blinding kind of sparkle.

Yes, above and beyond all else, the reason why so many singles (just for now, of course) get all the feels from diamonds is their sparkle factor. It’s been seven years since I got engaged, but I still can’t help but look down at my engagement ring at least three or four times a day and think “ahhhhhh, that sparkle is legit.” It’s the first thing I notice when one of my friends or family members gets engaged, and it’s something I take note of every time I see my sister or sister-in-law - two of my people who have phenomenally-glittering engagement rings.

It’s funny, growing up, you’d always hear about the trademarks of a TDF engagement ring and the shape and size of the diamond would be mentioned first and foremost. Without fail. But we’d be willing to scale back on ALL of those things, if we could be sure the sparkle was spectacular.

This Is the Reason Everyone Loves a Diamond Engagement Ring

HOF vows to make good on that sparkle.

A diamond is going to sparkle sooo much more than the majority of other stoned engagement rings, but a Hearts On Fire diamond has them ALL beat. That's a promise. They hand select only the highest-quality, transparent, and knot-free natural diamond crystals for their rings, and since these finds are incredibly rare, only 1/10 of 1% of the world’s rough diamond crystals can become one of their diamonds. Membership in this sparkle club is extra exclusive.

Now, what comes next guarantees that when you’ve got a HOF engagement ring around your finger, you will always be the sparkliest in the room. Always. Once the pristine gemstones are discovered and harvested, they’re cut and polished at 100X magnification (that’s 10 times the industry standard). Their cut is designed to let in as much light as possible for a sparkle that is actually impossible to miss. The proprietary cutting formula highlights a diamond’s physical properties - specifically how it reflects and refracts light - and accentuates its natural beauty with precise angles that show it off to its most radiant effect.

So, they are not kidding with their sparkle claims, they’re brilliantly backed up…

This Is the Reason Everyone Loves a Diamond Engagement Ring

And the sparkle isn’t confined to just one center stone!

Sure, they can do single solitaire diamonds, REAL WELL, but let’s just think about this for a minute. If every single Hearts On Fire diamond, even their tiniest accent stones, has their signature Hearts & Fireburst pattern - then that incredible and consistent glow will be even more gorgeous. More diamonds = more opportunities to let all the light in; so, if you do something with side stones, a halo, or a trinity setting, you’re going to get all the more sparkle.

Hearts On Fire actually just launched a brand new fancy-shaped diamond engagement ring range, featuring shimmering pave halos that give the illusion of oval, pear, and marquise-shaped diamonds. Let’s just say that the sparkle here is unreal. Seriously, check this picture out, do you not see those facets twinkling?!?!! It’s not even a GIF, get out!!

This Is the Reason Everyone Loves a Diamond Engagement Ring

Shop our favorite diamond engagement rings, guaranteed to sport all the sparkle you’ll ever want or need!

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