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This Brand Is Making Wedding Day Podcasts a Thing and We’re Here for It

This Brand Is Making Wedding Day Podcasts a Thing and We’re Here for It

How many people can say that they put their besties “on blast” on their wedding day and lived to tell about it? In fact, how many people can do that AND get the biggest smiles of appreciation in return for doing so? Not many, we’ll tell you that, but recently we learned about the coolest way that friends, siblings, colleagues, cousins, etc. can gift the newlywed couple - and it involves the presentation of a podcast. Don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to host, be a guest on, or serve some kind of valuable purpose in the production of a podcast, and what we’re telling you about today is pretty epic. Cue that melodic intro, because this is “Artifact: The Perfect Gift for the Couple Straight Off the Aisle.”

First and foremost, let’s chat founding facts about Artifact.

Think of your favorite podcast (and we all have them, because there’s legit at least one about every interesting thing in life). Maybe you like betches Brides, maybe you like Couple Things, maybe it’s Why Won’t You Date Me? Now, imagine it as a gift, focused on a person, relationship, event, or question that matters to you. That whole conception, what you’ve packaged up in your mind, that’s Artifact.

It’s customizable, it’s personal, and it has meaning, and isn’t that - ideally - what every wedding gift should be? We think so!

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Who should “do the honors?”


A guest who wants to level up on his or her gift giving / or the soonlyweds themselves, if they want to turn up their pre-wedding celebrations

The "How We Met" Artifact involves an interview with the couple, detailing how they came into each other's lives. It can cover everything from the first kiss to the engagement to the tendency of one side to undercook bacon. From what our friends at Artifact tell us, the “How We Met” is often purchased as a gift for the couple—or by the engaged couple themselves, as something to share with family and friends before the big day. At the end of the session, the interviewer does a short round of questions with each person separately—sort of like “The Newlywed Game” as a surprise for the couple. And we loveee this idea to replace all the basic bridal shower games, like does the bride really know her groom? How well do these kids know each other kind of thing. 


The families of the fiancés who want to make it clear that they're ALL in favor of this marriage and the forever that comes after  

This "Parents or Families" Artifact features interviews with parents or loved ones from the previous generations on both sides of the couple. The participants can share their own love stories, offer memories of the betrothed, recall first impressions of their future in-laws, or impart advice on marriage and parenthood. We dig this one, because it can be a GREAT icebreaker to kick off the wedding weekend for a couple. Siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, everyone can join the party and take part in the podcast, whether they'd like to talk about what the people getting married mean to them or offer valuable advice for the future.

The best friends who have been dying to show up for their people with a speech that totally 'takes the cake' and earns them official 'best gift giver ever" status  

If you’re the Maid/Matron of Honor or the Best Man (vice versa, too, Man of Honor, Best Woman, what have you), not only do you want to give the couple a great gift for this monumental occasion, you’re also kind of on the hook for delivering a toast that ends, of course, with a mic drop. 🎤💥. Boom. It’s a major undertaking and never something you can just decide to wing. It’s a wedding, there are expectations, and guests WILL remember the speech(es) if they’re catastrophic or really freakin’ good. So, we’re saying be the latter, be good and give the couple something they’ll hold onto. Forever.

Artifact is amazing, because with it:

  1. You can avoid having to write a sappy card to the happy couple or speak in front of a room full of people 
  2. [In the case of the MOH or Best Man] you can make sure you’re totally dialed in (quite literally) and delivering point-by-point prose that sounds a little more conversational and from the heart, rather than forced
  3. You can go off-registry with a gift that says a lot more than a pair of salad tongs or a water pitcher do... spoiler alert: these don't say a damn thing 
  4. You can go in on a group gift that goes way beyond as a seriously-cool experience for your newlyweds and their nearest and dearest
How to make it happen.

It really couldn’t be easier, tbh. Give yourself some time to strategize (3 weeks, to be safe), but don’t worry about the behind-the-scenes production pressure, because Artifact will handle all of the hard stuff. All YOU need to do is:

Choose a topic.

Tell your Artifact coordinator what to explore and who to talk to.

They’ll do the work.

Artifact will settle up the scheduling and arrange the remote interview session (it happens over the phone btw, so #pandemicfriendly), followed by a professional edit (which includes a narrative introduction from the interview and that can-only-be-a-podcast, curated musical overlay).

You’ll get a personal podcast to gift them. 

Your bride and groom, bride and bride, groom and groom, whoever the lovebirds are, their podcast will be waiting at a dedicated, easy-to-share webpage. 

Visual learner? peep the things artifact needs to get started👇

This Brand Is Making Wedding Day Podcasts a Thing and We’re Here for It

This Brand Is Making Wedding Day Podcasts a Thing and We’re Here for It

This Brand Is Making Wedding Day Podcasts a Thing and We’re Here for It

This Brand Is Making Wedding Day Podcasts a Thing and We’re Here for It

Yes, the episode is 20 minutes long…

So, in the case of a toast, it'll be longer-than-usual, for sure. But with weddings being a much more intimate + potentially even dance floor-less time these days, the ‘Group Listen’ would actually be a pretty great activity for everyone to take part in and pass [meaningful] time with during the reception.

And what a keepsake for the couple!

They can listen to their podcast on every anniversary! We love that. Right now, use the promo code “WEDDINGCHICKS” for $40 off your package purchase. And when you consider how much a typical wedding gift is nowadays, these prices are 👌.

Make history with their love story, in your own words.

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