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The Perfect Proposal and a Ring to Match From Shane Co.

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Proposals are certainly the most evergreen events there can be. After all, there’s no optimal time to make that level of commitment to the love of your life. But since March 20th is always celebrated as National Proposal Day, why not be part of that annual tradition? “We got engaged on National Proposal Day….” hmmm has a very nice ring to it, right?

Well, of course we’re suckers for engagements, and we can’t help pressing pause on our lives to listen in on a good proposal story. Consider it our love drug, we just can’t get enough. And yes, every proposal is perfect - you make it official with your person and you get a brand new piece of jewelry on THAT finger - but some before-they-tied-the-knot tales just have that X factor. It’s what makes them legendary. Whether it happened privately, following a big anniversary or on Valentine’s Day or whether it was an exceptionally-executed public proposal in front of family and friends, an entire stadium of concert-goers or sports fans, the detail and ‘little things’ that the person who’s popping the question considers mean everything.

We’re not experts in proposal protocol, we’re just big fans of the whole thing, so we coupled up with Shane Co., the arbiters of diamonds engagement rings and everlasting love to follow, to propose some pointers for anyone planning to get down on one knee in the near future and their loved ones who are awaiting that all important question. Take note.... 


Whether your guy or girl has a way with words or not, he/she should have some special sentiments up their sleeve when they're asking you to take that leap with them.  It’s the biggest question they've asked thus far in life, so it should count, right? Here are a few things we thought you'd probably love to hear (to feel reassured that your relationship is ready for the next step): all the reasons they can’t wait to marry you, an idea of the future they've been forecasting for the two of your behind the scenes. 

THEIR taste and ring size SHOULD BE CONSIDERED

In theory, your future spouse would love to be able to surprise you with a ring he or she picked out solo. But, let’s be honest, a pristine proposal and a ring that’s either too big, too small, or far from anything you'd ever choose for yourself, does not a happy fiancé make. So, we help your partner out instead of letting them wing it with the ring shopping. Fill them in on your ring size - either by window shopping together, talking about it, or disclosing the deets to one of your besties or family members. Double tap that e-jewelry on Instagram, pin your preferred picks, bookmark things in your secret stash of bridal magazines (or leave your computer open for your intended to peep some ring-spiration on Wedding Chicks)!


No matter how long you’ve been together, we’d wager a bet that your S.O. (significant other) has your style pegged and can sense what kind of atmosphere you'd feel the best about saying ‘YES!’ in. Whether he or she needs to bring in flowers, curate a creative culinary experience, plan a getaway to gel with your forever-dreamed-of will-you-marry-me blueprint, try to drop some hints about what you'd want. Both of you should remember that the best, most heart-stopping proposals happen when the amorous ambiance, approach of that big ask, and accompanying ring all vibe together.

Feeling fired up to SAY 'HELL YES' TO THOSE magical four words? 

Well, here’s a few extra pieces of advice - to help out with that style / proposal personality piece of the puzzle - and they come with pretty pictures, too 💍💍💍. Read it aloud as a clue for your boo, and he or she will be architecting that all-important proposal story in no time. Thank you, Shane Co.!

Bold & Outgoing

If you’re bold and outgoing, you may be smitten by a public declaration of your love. A public proposal will be one you’ll never forget.

Shane Co. National Proposal Day Photo: Danzze Studio

To match your bold personality, a shimmering and eye-catching halo engagement ring with rows of sparkling diamonds may be perfect.

Shane Co National Proposal Day

If extra sparkle is your style, you’ll love a double halo engagement ring. A sparkling two-tone ring with both white and rose gold and marquise diamonds is stunning.

Shane Co National Proposal Day


Does your personality fall on the traditional side? Then you’ll love a romantic and classic proposal! Think rose garden or a fancy candle-lit dinner.

National Proposal Day Shane Co
Photo: Stefani C.

As far as rings go, a beautiful pavé style may be your dream ring. A classic yellow gold pavé setting paired with a cushion-cut diamond center stone is timeless.

Shane Co National Proposal Day

If you love white gold and a touch of milgrain detailing, this cathedral style ring with pave-set diamonds along the band is gorgeous and looks so elegant paired with an emerald cut diamond center stone.

Shane Co National Proposal Day

Worldly & Loves to Travel

For those with an adventurous spirit who love to travel, a destination proposal is so fitting! What could possibly make a trip exploring the world even better? A gorgeous, sparkling ring of course! A vintage-inspired engagement ring may match your refined and worldly personality perfectly. Intricate and sophisticated details characterize a vintage-inspired ring, making them incredibly unique and beautiful. A ring in Shane Co.'s signature shade of romantic rose gold marries modern with vintage perfectly, and a halo of diamonds around the center stone adds irresistible sparkle.

National Proposal Day Shane Co Photo: Kari W.

This double halo vintage ring features a stunning display of diamonds around the center stone and delicate designs along the band.

Shane Co National Proposal Day

With gorgeous sparkle that swirls along the band, this beautiful vintage ring features a unique halo design and intricate side vintage detailing.

Shane Co National Proposal Day


If your idea of a happy place is among the trees, a proposal during a beautiful hiking adventure would be perfect! A simple solitaire or three-stone engagement ring may be just what you’re looking for.

National Proposal Day Shane Co Photo: Kyle and Chanice

Timeless and beautiful, a solitaire ring will never go out of style and is perfectly matched for your active and adventurous lifestyle.

Shane Co National Proposal Day

For a classic style with a little extra sparkle, a three-stone engagement ring in yellow gold is gorgeous.

National Proposal Day Engagement Ring Pics Shane Co

Unique & Untraditional

Do you love to stand out from the crowd with unique and nonconventional styles? A surprise proposal decked out with thoughtful photos and décor in a beautiful setting may be your dream proposal. To match your untraditional style, an engagement ring featuring a colorful center stone may be perfect.

National Proposal Day Shane Co Photo: The Andreys

We love how this gorgeous pink sapphire center stone pops with a halo of shimmering diamonds surrounding it. A row of diamonds along the band add extra eye-catching sparkle.

Shane Co National Proposal Day

If a gorgeous shade of yellow is more your style, then you’ll love this stunning three-stone swirl engagement ring with a unique emerald-cut yellow sapphire.

National Proposal Day Shane Co

And if none of the above feel right to you? There’s a whole lot of sparkle left to checkout at Shane Co


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We partnered with Shane Co. to share these proposal tips and radiant rings with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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