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Stawp, just stop! This Shoot Is Really Too Cute For Its Own Good!

Winter in Russia wedding couple

Stawp, just stop! This shoot is really too cute for its own good! If you were pulled in by the photo above, welcome to the club! If you weren't, who are you and what happened to your soul?! Kidding, kind of. Well either way, this next wedding inspiration is one we could not stop looking at. From the worlds most perfect couple, to the adorable farm animals that populate this Russian venue we were positively hooked! 

Dreamed up and photographed by Bryxkhanova Anastasia in Yekaterinburg Russia, you can see every last "Awww" inspiring photo by visiting the full gallery here!  

elk on a farm in Russia

winter bride and groom outfits cozy winter wedding outfits

full length fur vest

handsome rugged groom outfit for winter wedding winter wedding groom outfit winter farm wedding couple

bride and lamb

Dreaming Up This Winter Wonderland

From Bryxkhanova AnastasiaThe idea for this whole wedding shoot was based on Russian poetry and Russian culture. The beautiful wedding dress reflected all of this elegance with its lacy detailing, tiny embroidered snowflake like crystals, and even the color was called purple snow. Plus a real fur coat (or coats) was a key element to fully form the Russian beauties image.

full length fur coat bride

winter bridal style dried flower winter wedding bouquet

winter wedding bridal style

soft blue winter wedding gown bride in blue on her winter wedding day happy huskie braided wedding hair

rustic winter bridal style

cozy bride in fur with dried flower bouquet wedding kiss

cute and cozy winter bride and groom

Picture Perfect Venue and Details 

The Venue was a deer farm where a variety of animals live. One of the smallest and was pretty black and white lamb that the bride and groom enjoyed petting and hugging. The dessert table was made from an old sewing machine, it was decorated with a real samovar, Russian pies and various antique decorations. Our bouquet, made from real dried flowers such as cow parsnip, willow, and birch, and made quite the impression on everyone. 

rustic vintage chic dessert table

pewter and glass coffee mugs wedding pie rustic wedding dessert table

coffee and kisses

vintage sewing machine dessert table heirloom wedding decor treasured family documents

winter wedding couple in Russia

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