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Shake Up Your Spring Wedding With A Dramatic Color Palette

Shake Up Your Spring Wedding With A Dramatic Color Palette

If you aren't into the classic Springtimes color palette of pinks and pastels, then may we introduce you to the beautifully dramatic and romantic mind of Symphony Weddings & Events! They dreamed up this deep red and black wedding inspiration as a new way to incorporate these moody colors into a wedding no matter the season. 

Keep scrolling for some unique wedding surprises, and don't forget to visit the full gallery where you will find even more of Adam Frazier's breathtaking photos.

wedding party in black and white

fruit and flower bouquet bridal party in black and white

spring time wedding bouquet

wedding couple in formal attire

black and white formal wedding couple

Dramatic Ideas

When first conceptualizing this styled shoot, I knew I wanted something dramatic, romantic, and a little bit sexy. Adam Frazier's photography style was the perfect fit to give these photos the exact look they needed. I wanted to show off a spring wedding that incorporated deep red and accents of black. Every bride that wants a spring wedding thinks bright colors or pastels. My goal was to give couples a new option to be able to do something different than what you normally think of a Spring Wedding. 

Baked To Shock

When I went to the bakery and told them that I wanted a black cake, I got a shocked look, "You want what?!" I knew right then I was going the right direction to do something different. They more than delivered on the vision with a stunning deep red marble peeking through the black, lined with flakes of gold. Black is so elegant and formal and couples need to know they can use it year-round paired with bold colors as opposed to the traditional "black and white" wedding. 

wedding couple in dramatic formal style here comes the bride

dramatic wedding invitation suite in black and gold

saying I do

groom in all black dramatic wedding venue

Flower Fruit

In addition to featuring a unique color palette, I told the florist that I just HAD to have fruit mixed in with the bold colored flowers. The types of fruit (and vegetables!), as well as the way they were styled, were 100% Flourish's creation and I could not have been more impressed! You will see pomegranates, cabbage, various types of berries, and mini apples elegantly incorporated. I hope that couples see this and are encouraged to think outside the box to do something new and creative.

dramatic bridal style

wedding table decor for your spring wedding apples pomegranate and flowers

dramatic Springtime wedding table decor

wedding flower and fruit wedding decor wedding table decor idea for your Spring wedding

spring time floral decor for your spring wedding

formal bride and groom berry and rose boutonniere

Black Red And Gold wedding cake

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