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Pizza Bouquets: The Trend We Want to Take a Bite Out of RN

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We thought doughnut bouquets and avocado proposals were some of the tastiest new wedding trends to try… but we were sooo wrong. Because pizza bouquets and boutonnieres are fresh out of the oven, and sooo ready for the wedding. Yep, pizza bouquets, hot, cheesy, tomato and mozz-melting bouquets and they’re as mouthwateringly magical as they sound.

And we can all thank NYC-based, Italian fast-casj eatery, Villa Italian Kitchen for putting this savory spin on summer nuptials. They cooked up a pretty delicious promotion for the kick off of wedding season, and you soooo want a slice of this pie.


Between now and June 15, couples who are set to wed this summer can enter to win a personalized pizza bouquet AND a boutonniere of the same recipe for their big day. Made from freshly-prepared pizza dough, 100% whole milk mozzarella, fresh Cali tomatoes and zesty pepperoni, the flowers are a little more flour-fueled than all petals and stems. And we’re totally okay with. Scratch that, we want to devour it, actually.

So what do couples need to do, to say “pie do”

It’s pretty simple really, you and your pizza-loving bae just need to be taking the plunge prior to September 30, 2018.

If you are, then head on over to VIK’s sweeps page, fill in the basic details about your wedding day (starting with your name and email address) and select your favorite spot to grab a slice in your neck of the woods. Easyyyy pizzzzzz-y. 

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And try not to get saucy / errr salty if you don’t win

Only a handful of pizza-obsessed peeps will have their cheesy prayers answered, with their choice of pizza bouquet and boutonniere or two of either, but that’s not a reason to stop using 🍕emojis on the reg. Because everrrrrrryone who enters get a coupon for a FREEEEEE slice of Neapolitan cheese pizza 😋😋😋. Don’t even act like that doesn’t make up for it!

Might even be a good thing, since, you know, grease isn’t the best thing for that gown…. And while we’re thinking about it, is pizza one of the things you should be eating when you’re getting ready for the wedding??!?!!


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