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Pink Apple Inspired Wedding

giant balloon with lace

This shoot was all about capturing the essence of fall. Since crisp apples and apple picking are a lovely perk of the fall season Alicia Thurston designed the shoot with the Pink Lady Apple in mind.
The color scheme was pulled from the apple with soft reds, pinks, and peaches while the food was cocktail style comfort food. The backdrop was warm, welcoming, and picturesque. Enjoy all of the delights from this pink apple inspired wedding shoot in the full gallery here, captured by Alicia Thurston.

pink lady dessert table idea

wedding flower color inspiration

apple wedding ideas

pink ombre wedding cake

park wedding ideas

burlap wrapped bouquet

menu ideas from kiss the cook catering

· Applewood smoked candy bacon
· Maple baked bean skillet with Bourbon BBQ glazed pork tenderloin, caramelized apples and homemade corn bread
· Mini steak frites
· Truffle mac n’ cheese
· Mini beef meatballs with stout barbeque sauce
· Japanese squid ink pasta salad with shrimp
· Chilled espresso and mini doughnuts

coffee and donuts

what to eat at a wedding

Giant balloon tassel diy

We are head over heels in love with the gorgeous lace and ribbon balloon tassel above. If you want to recreate the look you'll need:

30" balloon (this one was from Shop Sweet Lulu)
balloon string ample strips of ribbon & lace at varying lengths (ranging from 12 to 24 inches long)

*Light weight lace and ribbon is recommended, because it may weigh down the balloon and keep it from floating.

1. Leave 6-8 inches at the top of the balloon string to tie it onto the balloon.
2. With you string laying down, lay one strip of ribbon or lace perpendicularly over the top of the string and tie string around lace strip.
3. Work your way down the string tying lace and ribbon strips close to each other.
4. Once you get to your desired length, tie the final strip of ribbon or late and cut string.
5. Hold upright by grabbing the top of the string and let ribbon and lace naturally fall.
Enjoy! See DIY instructions for a crepe paper balloon tassle here!

tassled balloon

giant balloon

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