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These Wedding Day Pet Ensembles May Just Steal The Show

Golden Retriever with a floral bow Photo:

For many couples, their fur babies are a huge part of their relationship. For some, it’s a blended family situation and your pets have been with you from the very beginning, they’ve seen you through the ups and the downs. For others, adopting a fur baby was a big step and brought your relationship to another level. So, of course, your big day wouldn’t be complete without them! And let’s be real, their usual leash or harness has seen better days and this is a special occasion, after all. Don’t they deserve a special outfit? Even if the thought of dressing your pet up for your wedding seems like a bit much, who are you kidding? You have to keep scrolling now because you won’t want to miss these insanely cute formal pet ensembles and accessories!

For Your Princess

hairless cat wearing a wedding dress and veil Photo/Dress:

black cat in cute pink dress with hearts Photo/Dress:

pet wedding dress with 3D flower petals Photo/Dress:

muave dog tutus Photo/Dress:

crystal dog collar Photo/Collar:

gorgeous dog dress with gold flowers and train Photo/Dress:

pink embroidered dog dress for wedding Photo/Dress:

pink crystal dog collar Photo/Collar:

For Your Goodest Boy

pink dog suit with bowtie for wedding Photo/Suit:

gray dog suit with bow tie for wedding Photo/Suit:

khaki dog outfit with suspenders and bowtie Photo/Suit:

blue dog vest with bowtie for wedding Photo/Suit:

blue linen dog suit and plaid bowtie for wedding Photo/Suit:

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