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Modern Wedding Ideas For The Current Wedding Couple

Modern Wedding Ideas For The Current Wedding Couple

Today's wedding couple is focused on the here and now and that means creating a wedding day that feels present in what is happening at this moment in time. This gorgeous modern wedding inspiration dreamed up by the talented Midwestern Bride and photographed by Studio 29 Photography + Design, is all about the unique minimalism that we have all been falling in love with lately. Spare decor allows the well thought out details to really shine. 

Keep scrolling to find one of our very favorite table setups as well as classy industrial ceremony floral treatment that we know will impress. And don't forget about the full gallery of images, you can see every last detail from this fabulous day. 

modern wedding invitation suite

white wedding shoes wedding dress by Alyssa Kristin

modern bridal style

bride makeup and hair idea wedding couple portrait idea

romantic veil wedding photo idea

wedding couple photo idea blush rose wedding bouquet and modern bridal style

The Inspiration 

In a newer more industrial loft space I wanted to blend the idea of romance and modernity to complement our surroundings; that's where the modern love concept came into play. 

Once we had a concept and the earthy neutral color palate the rest was a matter of creating an original look with more restraint so that we wouldn't cross over into a boho look. Streamlined pieces and sharp looks allowed us to keep a controlled look so that we didn't overdo each space but create moments that really caught your eye. 

The ceremony space was centered around a black grid arch that we built that morning then had blooms woven throughout. As opposed to the typical arch or pergola we wanted to keep with a more modern flair so decided the stark black against blooms would give us a good blend. Our model was in an elegant sleek bespoke gown from Alyssa Kristen and we knew that soft crepe dress with just the most refined details would take each space to another level. 

modern industrial wedding ceremony decor

wedding floral decor live wedding painting wedding day painting

modern love wedding lounge

modern wedding lounge modern wedding lounge idea

bevy bar mobile wedding bar wedding coctail ideas

cheers to the newlyweds

Making It Unique

Trends keep moving towards fresher personalized details so the live artist painting the ceremony space and the pull up Bevy Bar trailer with its vintage charm lent us those special memorable touches that kept it really current. 

The biggest challenge was in our tablescape and how we could make that standout to have its own moment as well. With acrylics stealing the show for the last two years or so I wanted to work that medium in but somehow uniquely which is what brought us to the custom made open center table. We laid out each bloom and green as if it were a painting stroke by stroke. We accented the settings with terra cotta and mustard tones so that they meshed with the florals and didn't steal focus. As guests sat down they were greeted not only by a stunning setting but a piece of artwork they admired throughout the dining process. 

Acrylic found its space in the table and backdrop, the black grid found its place in ceremony and circular grid that showcased the completed artists piece and it all kept feeding into our concept of modern love. Telling a story in new ways interwoven throughout the whole day piece to piece. 

We used waffles as the dessert to repeat the patterns of the black grid used in the ceremony backdrop.

round modern photo backdrop idea

romantic wedding couple portrait modern wedding table decor idea wedding table idea bride and groom portrait

modern wedding table decor idea with floral table top

acrylic table top with floral decor wedding idea

wedding dessert waffles

waffle desserts

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