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What Is Live Wedding Painting?

live wedding painting Photo:  K and K Photography

You’ve probably seen it featured on Wedding Chicks before in some of our real weddings, but do you really know what goes into a live wedding painting? Neither did we until we talked to artist Jamie Pogue of  Event Painting by Jamie . Specializing in painting live events, Jamie is a classically trained fine artist, and with hundreds of weddings under his belt, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about it! From how it works to finding the right artist, he shared everything you need to know before you book a live wedding painter for your big day.

Wedding Painting Is Timeless–Not Trendy

live wedding painting

According to Jamie, “Many people see live wedding painting as a trend but having an artist live capture an event through artwork has been around for ages.” In a lot of ways, a painting can relay so much more than a photo can. An artist can capture the ephemeral feelings of the day rather than just a snapshot of a single moment. And while you and your partner will cherish your live wedding painting for years to come, it’s so much more than a keepsake, it’s also entertainment for you and your guests. Everyone can watch on as the piece progresses throughout the day. “My favorite part of the night is when the couple stops by to say hi and check out how their painting has progressed so far. It’s always magical when the couple sees the painting they have been dreaming of for months (sometimes years!) finally come to life.” Watching an artist in their element is an exciting opportunity that most people will only experience once in their lifetime.

But How Does It Work–Really?

live wedding painting

Ok, you’ve seen the paintings, the level of detail is insane! So how can one person really do all of that in one sitting and in front of an audience? Jamie shared, “We see a lot of couples confused by the idea that a live wedding painter is really creating the painting on-site during the wedding, so I’d like to explain that, yes, this is how the service works!” Couples can choose which moment they would like the artist to capture from the ceremony to our favorite, the first dance. “Usually the artist will arrive a few hours before the chosen moment and get the foundation of the painting blocked in before guests arrive, with the bulk of the painting being completed during the event.” Still mind-blowing, we know!

live wedding painting live wedding painting

live wedding painting Photo:  Alisa Sue Photography

Where To Find A Live Wedding Painter

Well, that’s kind of a complicated question. First, you need to figure out what style of painting you’d like. Each artist has their own style and medium that they work in, so before you start looking for an artist, make sure you know what you’re actually looking for. Once you’ve got your style locked in Jamie says, “Google and social media are your friends.” Check out the portfolios of different artists and make sure you like their work before you reach out. You’ll also want to take note of their location. Many live wedding painters travel (Jamie does!) but not all of them do, so it’s definitely worth asking before you fall in love.

live wedding painting

Don’t Wait!

live wedding painting Photo:  I Got Shot By Lisa Marie

As you can imagine, artists that live paint are like unicorns (rare magical creatures), and live wedding painting is in high demand, so according to Jamie, most artists start booking dates up to two years in advance! If your wedding simply won’t be the same without a live painting, then book your artist now–like RIGHT NOW! To book Jamie, visit his   and make sure to mention Wedding Chicks to get $50 off. For more information on Jamie's work and services or to book Jamie for your big day, please visit  Event Painting By Jamie  or email them at [email protected]. We can’t wait to see what he creates for you, and who knows maybe your wedding will be up on Wedding Chicks too before you know it!

live wedding painting live wedding painting  

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