Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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Is Your Wedding Planned On A Friday? Make It A Flash Back Wedding!

Fall bride and groom wedding photo idea

Is your wedding planned on a Friday? Make it a flash back wedding! No we aren't suggesting having all your guests show up in leotards, leg warmers and side ponytails (Although put a pin in that idea, 'cause that sounds like a blast); Wolf & Bird and Jakob Michael Photography have something else in mind entirely. Your big day is all about you and your honey, so why not celebrate all the memories that went into make the two of you, you! 

This beautiful shoot paints a gorgeous picture of such a wedding, where the bride and groom return to their childhood small town to tie the knot. They decorate the day with cherished family heirlooms and some of their favorite vintage finds. The end result is a fantastic event that truly has a personality. See every last character filled element by visiting the full gallery here!

romantic bridal portrait idea

Lisa Cron Design wedding stationery

vintage love seat for your bridal portrait session classic couple pose rural chic bride and groom unique and alternative bouquet

blue and grey groom look with unique hair plant boutonniere

wedding couple taking a walk in the fall

outdoor fall wedding idea ready to say "i do" flowers and vintage candle lanterns

romantic and vintage style wedding dress

Redefining Rural Weddings

From Jakob Michael Photography: Wolf & Bird believes that every love story is a curation of unique moments and adored memories between two people. We work with clients to plan events that tell their love story, celebrate their heritage and make guests feel like family. 

This styled bridal shoot was designed to reflect an intimate wedding nestled within the rustic hills of Northern Kentucky on a cherished family farm. Potato Hill Farm, a beautiful wedding venue, was the perfect location choice. Our goal was to redefine the pastoral notion of a countryside wedding by incorporating delicate sophistication, a bold color palette and elegant textures. 

air plant wedding bouquet

mismatch heirloom chic wedding decor candle lit fireplace cheers to the bride and groom

cocktail hour vintage lounge for you big day

relaxed and chic bridal style

Developing A Story For You Big Day

The storyline developed around the bride, Heather, and her future groom, Brandon, who met as children. To honor and celebrate their long history growing up together on this farm, they decided to return home to their roots for their wedding day. They placed this cherished land and all their fond memories at the heart of everything. Each detail of design and styling was done through the lens of Brandon and Heather. 

Blending family heirlooms from her grandmother’s farmhouse and their mutual love for antique furnishings, they built a captivating setting for the next chapter of their love story to begin. From the candlesticks and vintage china to the antique floral patterns on her mother’s wedding gown, this styled shoot undeniably speaks to a deep appreciation for the couple’s history and family treasures. We wanted this shoot to embody an exquisite blend of past and present and inspire couples to integrate the things they truly hold dear into their wedding day.

serve yourself wedding bar

open bar for your rural chic wedding need an idea for you wedding cocktail?

wedding cocktails for him and for her

family photographs on a rustic shelves wedding dress from LUXEredux Bridal

heirloom rural chic table decor

groom in grey vest and pants with a blue shirt and tie royal blue candles in brass candle sticks

antique table sweetheart table idea cascading wedding flower centerpiece

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