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How to Create the Perfect Spanish-Inspired Soiree

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Are you someone getting married in Magnolia City in the not-so-distant future, thinking about a Spanish sort-of scene for the special day, and in need of some serious inspiration? We thought you might want to flag your cals for Thursday, July 26th. Oh, and if you already have plans that night, we’ll help you make up an excuse 🤫, because this is something you won’t want to miss. The Big Fake Wedding is happening in Houston, and we’ve already booked our tickets. ((But we know where you can get yours for ½ off)). Keep reading!!

While we’d all like to jump in a plane and take off to Spain to say our ‘I Dos’ in Costa del Sol or Casares, for so many reasons, it just isn’t in the cards for a lot of couples. And it’s a damn shame, because a Latino wedding is all kinds of gorgeous. Equal parts bold and refined, a Barcelona-bound big day mixes tradition and culture with modern, fresh elements to achieve an overall adventurous aesthetic. We’re obsessed with the color palette and character of the event, too; natural textures (stucco, wood, concrete, etc.) matched with bright, poppier patterns - the beautiful balance that happens is all 🔥🔥🔥.

Whether you’ve thought about venturing (figuratively, not so much literally) to Valencia for your vows before, or just started thirsting for this way to tie the knot, you can at least survey the Spanish elegant situation at The Big Fake Wedding event on the 26th. And see how these tips help out, too!

Step One: Book the Perfect Venue

For a Spanish soiree, you’ll want to find somewhere with seamless transitional indoor/outdoor options. Having an outdoor ceremony can really bring this relaxed and fluid inspiration to life. Look also for natural, rustic spaces that transport you right to those Spanish cortijos. Bright white walls and wood details are key to setting the scene. Twinkling lights do the trick, too!

The Hughes Manor Outside Ceremony Venue:

Step Two: Plan the Details

Start by finding ways you can weave iconic Spanish elements into the details of your wedding. Even with a traditional wedding dress, adding a scalloped, mantilla lace veil can bring a flamenco flair to your look. A floral embroidered dress for you and a colorful tux for him works, too. Incorporating blooms like bougainvillea and King Protea is an easy and beautiful way to bring Spanish flavor to your wedding. In your planning, make use of natural textures like stucco and wood, and feel free to mix them with patterns. For example, you can weave Spanish tile patterns in subtle, tasteful ways. This could be used on your invitations, as an accent on your cake tiers - get creative.


Step Three: Make Sure the Menu Makes Sense

Your menu can certainly be in your and bae’s tastes, but there’s always a place for festive fare when you’re trying to keep to a theme. Even if it’s just incorporating some traditional tapas into your cocktail hour (bring on the garlic prawns and stuffed mussels) or, conversely, serving up a seriously succulent Spanish feast. Meats, cheeses, and lots of fish. And of course, what’s a siesta without a few native sips? Cava, sangria, Agua de Valencia. You can figure it out, there’s obvi no shortage of signature drink possibilities.

Hughes Manor Houston Venue:

Step Four: Find Your Vendors

For all our Space City brides out there, our friends over at The Big Fake Wedding are hosting their Houston event on July 26th at Hughes Manor. As a reminder, TBFW is a bridal show alternative in the form of a - yes, you guessed it - big, fake wedding. You can vet some vendors by seeing them in-action (that’s right - you get to taste the food, eat the cake, and smell the flowers. or wear them in your hair, you never know!!).

You can gain all kinds of Spanish soiree inspiration by attending the event. Grab your tickets and use the code ‘WELOVEWC’ for half off tickets!

Can’t make it? No worries! You can head on over to The Network by The Big Fake Wedding to book your vendors! Just remember to send us an invite if you do decide to copy this look. We could get down with a stunning night out, sippin’ some sangria… JUST SAYIN’!

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We partnered with The Big Fake Wedding to share their unique wedding show experience with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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