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Greece Inspired Wedding Ideas

greek bride @weddingchicks

This next stunning shoot was inspired by the oh so beautiful Santorini, Greece. If you've ever laid eyes on a photograph of this Greek city, you'll know that white buildings with blue accents are a key visual there and a perfect compliment to the Aegean Sea.
This shoot embraces the scenery, while adding in olive tones to further embody the spirit of Greece. Every little detail is perfect and lovely. Gather up some Greece inspired wedding ideas in the full gallery here, photographed by Cavin Elizabeth Photography.

blue and white wedding stationery @weddingchicks

classic white wedding gown @weddingchicks

Santorini to San Diego

Santorini, Greece, has such a dreamy and minimalist look. It's a destination I've admired for a long time, so I decided to bring Santorini to San Diego.

greece inspired wedding ideas @weddingchicks

blue wedding ideas @weddingchicks

greenery wedding bouquet @weddingchicks

Minimalist Luxury

Kelsey of Kelsey Rae Designs truly understood my vision for this inspiration shoot and designed the details in a way that evoked the spirit of Santorini with a very clean, minimalist look. The shoot was absolutely reminiscent of a simple and luxurious European island style.

clean white table idea @weddingchicks

simple wedding menu @weddingchicks

Sweet Lydia's

Sweet Lydia's specializes in delicious and beautiful baked goods, cakes, and desserts that are customizable for any event. Top quality ingredients, organic when possible, are transformed into beautiful and delicious treats.

blue and white dessert table @weddingchicks

blue and white wedding cake @weddingchicks

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