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Fun And Whimsical Ideas For Your Traditional Jewish Wedding

happy bride and groom with whimsical boho moroccan style backdrop

Wedding inspirational shoots spring up out of some unique places. Would you believe that this beautiful day was inspired by the love story of an IRL bride and groom? Tallulah Ketubahs fell in love with Julianna and Diaa's multi-culture, interfaith story and decided she just had to create a full day around it. Honestly, we are so happy they did because we get to see some fabulous and fun wedding ideas! 

Keep scrolling to find a whimsical color palette that adds such fun touches of Moroccan flair to invitations, a pouf surrounded wedding table and a super cute wedding ceremony backdrop! Don't forget to check out the full gallery where even more of Heidi Roland Photography's photos can be seen! 

whimsical custom ketubah

whimsically colored wedding stationery wedding invitation and jewelry

back showcasing wedding gown

boho chic bridal style bride with fun and whimsical accessories

low table and pouf seating for your moroccan style table low table and pouf seating for your moroccan style table

fun and whimsical wedding menu

bright and colorful wedding table garland tall whimsical wedding flower arrangement

tasseled wedding escort cards

wedding finger foods

The Inspiration

This styled shoot was initially inspired by Julianna and Diaa, one of my wonderful ketubah couples! Julianna is Filipina and Ashkenazi Jewish, and her husband Diaa is Palestinian. In the fall of 2016, they approached me to create a ketubah that would honor their multi-cultural interfaith wedding celebration. Upon hearing their story, I was so inspired I knew I had to create a styled shoot based on their love story. Luckily, they agreed to be our models as well as our muses. 

This inspiration shoot imagines a marriage celebration for a modern multi-cultural, interfaith couple like Julianna and Diaa. I partnered with Sarah French Events, a local wedding planner who loves multi-cultural, multi-faith events as much as I do to bring the styled shoot to life. It was important to us to use this shoot to highlight the joyful energy created when cultures meld. 

bride and groom in fun boho style wedding attire

cute mobile wedding bar moroccan style wedding glasses

whimsical and colorful wedding decor signing the ketubah signing the ketubah

whimsical wedding style with bright colors

moroccan inspired wedding decor groom in three piece grey suit

The Details

When planning the details for the shoot, we drew influence from the history and textures of the Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda Market, or “shuk”, which has been a meeting place for Arab, Israeli, and Spanish vendors (among many others from around the world) to sell their goods since the late 1800’s. For over 100 years the shuk has vibrated with the varied languages of locals and tourists, along with the scents of fresh produce and spices filling the air. 

Complimenting this is a rainbow of colors everywhere you look—from colorful tapestries and rugs lining the walls, to brass and copper vessels which gleam around every corner. We gave each of our talented vendors some information about the backgrounds of our couple and then let them interpret the design inspiration in their own way. The result was an incredibly fun and colorful shoot that showcases the amazingly talented vendors as well as the real love of this unique couple.

whimsical tassel cake in teal and gold

wedding cake table deocr bride and groom wedding photo idea

whimsical wedding cake table idea

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