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Eco Friendly Fall Wedding Inspiration at a Villa in Tuscany

trendy modern bridal style

For all those couples out there dreaming of an outdoor fall wedding abroad, be sure to add Tuscany to your list. Not only is this location completely romantic, but The Villa Medicea di Lilliano was the picturesque backdrop to showcase the best of what Tuscany has to offer in the fall.

The harvest inspired design from My Tuscan Wedding features a bountiful array of locally sourced materials and fall blooms that are oh-so-pretty! Studio Fotografico Righi used the natural lighting to capture all the romance which you’re about to see below and in the full gallery.

romantic bridal look

fall bridal look

autumn wedding bouquet

from Tuscany My Tuscan Wedding

This fall, I worked at the Villa Medicea di Lilliano in Florence on a subtle, harvest themed photo shoot that showcased the bounty of the fall season here in Tuscany with references to local game like partridge and quail and items found in our harvest, like persimmons and alchechengi winter cherries. Our color inspiration was persimmon, due to the beautiful persimmon tree found on the property. To keep things looking chic, we paired this with taupe, ivory and various shades of peach. Many of the materials you see on the table, were found in the surrounding woodland area.

harvest inspired wedding in Tuscany harvest wedding table

Bridal shoot in Tuscany

Wedding ideas from Tuscany fall wedding table

Fall wedding cake

bridal style Bridal choker

under the harvest sun

For those bride and grooms wishing to marry in the late fall, but still wanting an outdoor wedding, Tuscany is a great choice. The fall light, as you can see in these photos, is particularly enchanting. It’s a time of year where we have so many locally available materials, one could easily do an Eco friendly display that still looks super lux.

Moody bridal portrait

Modern water color wedding cake

Budget breakdown

All of the suppliers gifted their time and materials, so the service was actually at no cost. Below is my estimate of what this would have cost, had the suppliers charged for their services. Prices are in euros. 
Photography: 2000 
Dress: 4000 
Florals, props and rentals: 500 
Cake: 500
Venue: 5000 
Hair and Make-up: 600 
Calligraphy: 150 
Total: 12,750

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